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12/14/2018 -- Vol VIII, No 2 of Gardner's Beacon (post) available. The issue looks at 2018 activities and accomplishments plus some on-going and future research. 

12/06/2018 -- Several things: New Twist, Gardiner, OR, Summaries, and Rev John White. All of these imply work which is stacking up. More on the workload next year.

11/16/2018 -- Social media at wind speed. Researching H.D. Gardiner and his barque that wrecked has been an interesting bit of work. The barque was noted to have been in the South Pacific in the spring of 1850. It wrecked in Oregon in October of 1850. So, gathering more information. One was a report given by the barque Bostonian's crew at San Francisco when it returned that named other ships seen. The crews kept records of their sightings and reported when in port, if they could. Of one little sample, two of the ships wrecked. Another was sold at auction in San Francisco. Did the crew abandon ship to pursue the dream of a gold strike? Social media? Yes, we could map these joint sights and have an interesting world map. Light speed social media rushes madly about, to its current point of being more problem than solution.

10/24/2018 -- We are going through the next step in our evolution: CMS and more. In 2012, we moved from MS OfficeLive to Web Hosting Hub, basically due to its Linux basis. However, too, we described the issues related to various views being important, such as content being more important than configuration (the old anti-McLuhan bit).

10/11/2018 -- If you look at the TGS site, you'll see a start of an index using images. The first one goes to the Welcome post from 2010. While doing these, I have been looking at updates that need to be done, such as the additional information about the marriage of Thomas and Margaret. Too, I see that we need to look more closely at Rev. Hubbard and his work. He mentioned Thomas. One has to think of what we would know without that first attempt (he wrote in the 1600s, finished his manuscript in the 1670s).

09/24/2018 -- Notice the improved image handler on the main page of TGSInc, TGSoc, and Publications.               

09/23/2018 -- Recently the Profile for Thomas Gardner on WikiTree changed to only have the two wives. This was due to research and discussion to which Gardner Research contributed. Earlier, there was a post that summarized the issue and accomplishment: Margaret, anew. Thanks are extended to all who made this update possible. The Profile is managed by the Puritan Great Migration Project sponsored by the NEHGS, publisher of the Great Migration books.

09/22/2018 -- Updating the Publication page to point to "Comment and Criticism" to handle discussion of content and errors related to publishing and printing The Gardner Annals. We will continue use "Afterthoughts & Modifications" for Gardner's Beacon.

09/15/2018 -- Dr. Frank and WikiTree.

08/17/2018 -- The 2nd wife of H.D. Gardiner, owner of the barque Bostonian that wrecked off of Oregon in 1850, was Caroline B. Turner (see note this day at this post) of Maine and not Caroline C. Turner of Nantucket.

07/30/2018 -- Our theme: Culture/History/Technology. We'll take some inspiration from the work of people running the commemorative group for Jedediah Strong Smith (original mountain man, out west from New England).

07/14/2018 -- It is time to look at Whence, again; I have been getting familiar with the area of southwest England. The Dorchester writeup that was in the Rev. John White page moved from ancestry. Here it is: https://dorsetcountymuseum.wordpress.com/2013/11/28/the-founding-of-dorchester-massachusetts-and-the-rev-john-white/. Notice, Elizabeth has no son, Thomas, however it says that her husband came over and returned.

06/28/2018 -- Going forward, our topics of interest: culture, history, and genealogy. Too, the TGA, Vols III and IV, print is in the works. And, we will be organizing to be a persistent source of information. We updated the front page, today. As well, we will be working on TGSoc.org. 

06/18/2018 -- TGA, Vol. III and IV, with GB IV through VII, will print soon (color or black/white) - same format, as before: Print - TGA I, II and GB I, II, III.

06/18/2018 -- The Gardner AnnalsVolume IV, Number 1,  published. Contents: The Massachusetts Magazine,  updating an article in the Essex Genealogist, Gardner and the Tudors, and Pending Research: Pseudo-wall, The Atlantic, Nathaniel Eaton. 06/06/2018 --  Vol VIII, No 1 of Gardner's Beacon (post) available. The issue reports on our research and publication efforts.  05/23/2018 -- Hand-written chart of Dr. Frank's parentage. Will do an ahnentafel for his mother's side of the family.
03/04/2018 -- Western Kansas, followed by Boston, were Ground Zero for the Spanish Flu pandemic
of 1918.

01/20/2018 -- The last month and issue of The Massachusetts Magazine (Vol XI) was in January of 1918. 100 years ago, this month.

11/30/2017 --Vol VII, No 2 of Gardner's Beacon post available. The issue reports on our research and publication efforts.  

10/26/2017 -- Print of Vols I, II TGA; Vols I, II, III GB is available for ordering. 

10/11/2017 -- Working on our 1st printing: Vols I, II TGA; Vols I, II, III GB.

09/04/2017 -- Research in progress for the next issue of The Gardner Annals. Also, mentions in the 2017 Summer issue of the NEHGR.

08/09/2017 -- Read about Dr. Frank's friends (Col Thomas W. Higginson, et al) plus Count Rumford.

06/25/2017 -- Vol VII, No 1 of Gardner's Beacon (post) available. The issue reports on The Old Planters Society and contributors to The Massachusetts Magazine.  

06/23/2017 -- Gardner Research work cited in The American Genealogist. Expect more discussion about Nathaniel Eaton in the near future. 

06/19/2017 -- F.B. Sanborn, Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Judge Francis M. Thompson

05/25/2017 -- Put in the Gardner pedigree (PDF - ahnentafel) for Dr. Frank and his sister, Lucie M. 

05/23/2017 -- We are working on TGA vol IV. Just added page counts by volume for TMM (The Massachusetts Magazine).

04/24/2017 -- Added page for The Massachusetts Magazine. The Gardner Annals will publish the Table of Contents for Volumes VI through XI.

04/20/2017 -- We will be restructuring our website, using TGSoc.org

04/05/2017 -- Recent posts: On Nathaniel EatonReview, Overview. TGA, Vol IV, No. 1 is in preparation. Also, here is the reprint for Bosworth and Gardners.

03/19/2017 -- Update: Technology's impact.

03/18/2017 -- We will be doing threads (full perspective) from then to now in order to foster discussions about what is the American dream. Rev. John Wise is not a bad place to start. Also, preparing reprints from the current The Gardner AnnalsThe Massachusetts MagazineMagna Carta (800th Anniversary)Flyover country, ... 

01/15/2017 -- Updating support tools. Pondering site configurations. ...

12/07/2016 -- The Gardner Annals, Vol. III, No. 1.

12/05/2016 -- Gardner's Beacon, Vol VI, No 2.

11/29/2016 -- Trying out Pinterest.

11/23/2016 -- R.A. Douglas-Lithgow, MD, LLD was a contributor to Dr. Franks's periodical, The Massachusetts Magazine.

11/02/2016 -- Lawrence, KS as representative of western issues.

09/10/2016 -- Extremely low tide uncovers millstone at site of early Gardner mill.

07/16/2016 -- Working with David T. Gardner on the Gardiners of London. See 06/17/2016 What's new for links to material related to Bosworth and the Gardners.

06/18/2016 -- Gardner's Beacon, Vol. VI, No. 1.

06/17/2016 -- Bosworth and more, DNA and Genealogy, Admissibility (as in, scientific evidence into the court room), and more.

04/14/2016 -- Cape Ann, Retrospective.

03/30/2016 -- Reminder - we post on FB, regularly. For one family, we traced a thread, from the one original entrant, to the present time via the "findagrave" links. There were graves following the trails of western migration in the U.S. 

01/28/2016 -- We will include maintenance of pages on findagrave on our regular todo list. Dr. Frank is buried in Harmony Grove Cemetery, Salem, MA.

12/17/2015 -- The Gardner Annals, Vol. II, No. 2.

12/09/2015 -- Gardner's Beacon, Vol. V, No. 2 and Cape Ann, 1623.

11/01/2015 -- Put in a page for Whence and other Questions.

10/09/2015 -- Quora plus.

09/10/2015 -- Influence of New England culture on history, in the context of Quora.

08/14/2015 -- Saw a modification to the numbers chart being used, recently.

08/11/2015 -- We look at Gardner, KS (we have covered ME, OR, and now KS).

07/14/2015 -- Correction in TEG v34, for article in TEG v20, with regard to John Graves and his mother, Elizabeth Sayward, and spouse, Abigail W. Hodgkins. See ahnentafel for Susan. C. Graves.

07/12/2015 -- New project, origins being Sherborne, Dorset. We mention abductive approaches (my career was spent in advanced computing - software and modelling, essentially). Please refer, at least, to C.S. Peirce's (we mentioned him in an earlier post - Benjamin Peirce) work in the area.

06/23/2015 -- We will look at Rachel Gardner Nobel as a possible sister of Thomas.

05/21/2105 -- We will feature Dr. Frank (the Gardner author) in our research. For now, we have the ahnentafels (fully sourced) for his paternal grandparents.

05/19/2015 -- TEG, Vol. 35, No. 2, Pg. 31: Henry D. Gardiner (and Gardiner, OR) A marker sits beside U.S. 101 in Gardiner, OR. The marker mentions that, at that spot on the Umpqua River, there had been a shipwreck in 1850. The town got its start, thereby. Cargo and the ship were salvaged and used for early buildings. The ship was owned by a Boston merchant, name of Mr. Gardiner. The marker provides other facts about the area. In 2014, Gardner Research received a query: who was Mr. Gardiner and what do we know about him? The article addresses that query.  

05/15/2015 -- Vol V, No 1 of Gardner's Beacon (post) available. The issue summarizes activity to date for the Society and looks to the future.

05/07/2015 -- "About us" updated.

04/21/2015 -- Site is mobile-friendly, according to a Google bot.

04/03/2015 -- The question of Richard III and a Gardner ancestor has been added to the FAQ.

03/12/2015 -- See images (pages 1-7) of Dr. Frank's 1933 book (Gardners and Gardners).

03/11/2015 -- Put in Gardner Questions of which the FAQ will be a subset. Added question to FAQ: are Thomas Gardner of Salem and Thomas Gardner of Roxbury related?

03/09/2015 -- On sails, and New England. See Recent finds, this date.

03/03/2015 -- Update of Gardner Research page and start of a FAQ.

02/27/2015 -- TEG, Vol. 35, No, 1.

02/02/2015 -- Reviewed pre-release copy of TEG (February 2015 issue) article on Benjamin Brown Gardner which provides the line from Dr. Frank A. to Nathaniel Eaton. One source was Henry Howland Crapo's Certain Comeoverers Vol. II (1912) who is a Nathaniel descendant, too.

12/23/2014 -- Gardner Research featured on the Alice Freeman Thompson Parke site, in particular, the ahnentafel for Susan Charlotte Graves Gardner (descendant of Thomas Gardner of Roxbury).

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