Thursday, June 4, 2020

Back to DNA II

A recent comment at a post that was done last fall (Back to DNA) does redirect our attention back to DNA, in a timely fashion. Briefly, there are so many people that some of the matches are almost inevitable. Too, underlying the whole basis of this work is micro-biology and its chemical reality. We might impose our thinking top-down which is what science does from its theoretical sense, yet the reality of the situation is always something to consider respectfully and with caution. Lots to discuss. In short, though, we are more than our chemical selves. How this might be will be part of the discussion. It turns out that genealogy and history as a focus can allow a more full look. Stay tuned for how we'll introduce those topics. Or, one might say, the cultural unconscious cannot be reduced to mere memes though we have seen lots of attempts arise the past decade.
Gardner R-U106 DNA Project

On the other hand, the genetic studies do tell us something which needs to be respected. The comment by Bob Gardner, pointed to his WikiTree page on Gardner DNA which we are happy to see. A few gents related to Thomas Gardner of Salem (subject of this blog) are noted toward the bottom of the list with a J2 haplogroup. Whereas, the DNA project that Bob is doing has a focus of R-U106 (R1b) which relates to an ancient European line that is much older than many considered earlier.

One Thomas Gardner descendant that we know has done two DNA tests. One of these matched up with the FamilyTreeDNA study. On the other hand, another descendant, via Samuel, and closely related did not match up, at all. There are many more stories to pull together, as well as getting a good reading list together.

As a reminder, we are pursuing the 'science' of the matter and want to remove the marketing influences. Actually, as we have said, this stuff ought to be non-profit. There are enough examples to show that this can work. In the meantime, we will work to help establish a 'neutral' position that we see as necessary to remove some of the contrived contention that people like to create when they are motivated to do such, for many reasons.

Looking forward to digging deeper into this work thanks to Bob's reminder.

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