03/15/2023 -- We need to let this new information sink in. There are many more questions to replace those that might be answered. The FAQ will be updated. Does the gap (three years) between the birth of John and Samuel allow time for participation in the activity of the Dorchester effort at Cape Ann? Too, could Thomas Gardner not being in the "old planter" list indicate his status of having left after being at Cape Ann? Associated with this would be: what was the status of Margaret and the kids (Thomas, George, Richard, and John) while Thomas was away from Sherborne? Did the bap record for John indicate a delayed report by Thomas after he (or even they) got back?  ... There will be more questions. 

03/14/2023 -- See this post: New not old planter (updates to the FAQ pending


e will be working to fill in the descendants of Thomas and Margaret. Some of the work will use WikiTree. Posts with Wikitree: Thomas and WikiTreeThomas and MargaretBack to DNA IIDr Frank and Henry VIII; Dr Frank and WikiTree. There have been other posts pointing to issues, such as Whence and more. 

This page will allow us to present an index to material which will be in blog posts and elsewhere. 

This list of posts for each of the children is a start at filing in the tree for Thomas and Margaret. Dr. Frank's book, principally, followed his line from Samuel. Also, he covered some of the George descendants. We want to fill in the tree that was implied by Dr. Frank's 1907 book

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