Saturday, October 24, 2020

Thomas and Margaret

TL;DR -- We look further at Sherborne, Dorset, UK.


When we started, the Great Migration books (Anderson) had already introduced another wife for Thomas, making it three in total. The first one, mother of the children was Unknown. Then, there was Margaret, supposedly married here. And, finally, Demaris about whom we knew. 

Now, as we looked at things, Dr. Frank's writing of two wives made since as it did to Moriarity (of the American Genealogist) and others. So, we took to using Margaret as Thomas' wife. 

In 2014, John Cook showed us copies of records out of Sherborne, Dorset, UK. Those can be summarized as follows in terms of what information that they provide us: Walter Friar marrying Grace Mullins; birth of a daughter, Margaret; Walter's will (prior to the marriage of Margaret and Thomas) which named his daughter, Margaret; Thomas Gardner marrying Margaret Friar; birth of boys in the order that we expected. Then, the records go silent which can be taken as a sign of the family leaving the area. 

In 2018, we finally got around to presenting this material on WikiTree (Gardner-159). Prior to that, we only had made references. We collected what we had found out about Margaret. Also, we updated the tree after obtaining Dr. Frank's handwritten notes on his heritage: the Gardner side agreed with what we had; his mother's side agreed with work having been done on WikiTree.   

After some discussion on WikiTree, in 2019, it was decided to change the Profile of Thomas and Margaret to agree with Dr. Frank and our research. The TGS, Inc. is leading the way in the edits. 

As well, though, it was suggested to submit an article in the NEHGR (see about their 175th) on this regard to set the record straight. That is on the list of tasks for us to accomplish. 

And, finally, we are starting an effort to fill in the tree for Thomas and Margaret using WikiTree. Some work has already be done, but Samuel is a good example. Only two of his children have been added to the tree. One of those comes down to Dr. Frank

There is a lot more information, but this post is to announce that we will use the Pages method to handle the work to identify descendants of the children. For now, see the list of our first post for each child. Coming soon will be a review of methods done by several where we point to our requirements to establish a descendants relationship from Thomas and Margaret. 

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