Friday, October 23, 2015


This is one of several projects (also, Sherborne, Dorset) about which we will have a regular status update.

About a year ago, an issue tag (multiple) was put on the Thomas Gardner (planter) page on Wikipedia. See the Talk page for some discussion of this and for subsequent changes. The image shows the current state of the page.

There will be more editing. For one thing, the text is based upon Dr. Frank's view. Since his time, there has been a lot of research some of which has been covered by this blog. So, another section will be added to bring in the other viewpoints.

Remember, all things need (ought) to be sourced with good citations.

Too, we will be going to other informational sites, such as Quora (related post).

Remarks:  Modified: 10/23/2015

10/23/2015 -- See Talk page on clarification of unreliable references. Wiki doesn't like Higginson published works (which includes Dr Frank's books), family-oriented sites, blogspot, ... So, there is some work to do to find replacements. A lot of Dr Frank's stuff was quoted in Sydney's History of Salem. So, that will work. The others will take a little more effort. C'est la vie.