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Gallows Hill

It would be nice if we could resurrect a 'google' map of Salem of old. Of course, that's sheer laziness.

What we can do is appreciate Sidney's work (walkabouts). Too, we can look for paintings that were of the period before the modern. When, I might add, progress caused lots of changes.

One that I am tracking down? The missing graves of Gardner's Hill. The search has involved Sidney's work: How close is close? II As well, there were several paintings of an area upstream that allow some notion of how things were, somewhat, at the time of the elders: Gardner's Bridge.

Of late, we have seen discussion about where the hangings were. Well, Ann's family had a house on Gallows Hill so they know the area. Myself, only 20th and 21st century experience, way after the fact. But, Sidney knew: Gallows and more.

The gist? Somewhere I read that Thomas Gardner liked the place where he was buried since he could sit there and see the water. Mind you, this area was between Gallows Hill and Harmony Grove Cemetery. We'll be mapping this out. I could not get some notion of the elevation. No doubt, there are records at the State level about the work involved with the road adjustment in the 1840s. Too, there was a lawsuit.

But, why pursue this 'dead' horse? Samuel Pickering Gardner who had left Salem for Boston visited the area in the 1830s and was upset by the situation: How close is close? And, it's a family matter as the seller of the property was of the Samuel (son of Thomas) line as is Dr. Frank, Ann, and others. In fact, Samuel owned this land after Thomas died. So, there are lots of reasons. However, a motivational event happened, today (below).

Okay, was reading Streets of Salem: A County in Crisis, 1692. Great post, per usual. On the page was a link to a post about the Salem Heritage Trail. And, that post contained an image of a painting from 1818 by Alvin Fisher. What? First, the image.

From Gallows hill, a view of Salem. Will have to map this out, but it does give some indication of elevation. Gardner's Hill would have been to the left following a 'U' (dimensions to be defined).

Landmarks? Anyone know of some analysis that has been done of this painting? Of course, we'll keep looking for other paintings of this type.

But, in terms of research, yes, there are more questions than answers. So, today there was a 'shot in the arm' type of thing. I feel that I have gotten a run around by those who ought to know, since I first started poking around this issue.

'Where is Thomas?' seems like a reasonable question. Notice that I first asked that question in October of 2010. Never heard an answer that stood up to query. It has taken a while for me to piece things together. And, Sidney was very instructive once I got to know his work.

BTW, Harmony Grove? Yes, I have been there. Dr. Frank's WikiTree record has a photo that I took of where his ashes are interned.

This might be a good place for the good Gardners (and their friends) who are descendants of Thomas to think about having some little memorial to Thomas and Margaret. We can measure how far this is from where Thomas' grave was in the Gardner Burial Plot.

Note: Went looking for maps of Salem. Of course, Sidney's came up. Plus, I found a site that had collected many views: The Mystery of Gallows Hill (references this work - Gallows Hill: Where Were the Witches hung?). The pages have the photo of Sidney at the Crevice and more. Also, in the painting, one can see North River (below) and Ledge Hill (to the left) which is south(east) of where Harmony Grove Cemetery is now. ... All we have to do is figure the dimensions from this in order to place Garner's Hill appropriately.

Reminder: The Trask view. One of their plots is still on Boston Street. It was near the Gardner Burial Plot. Too, History of Mass blog.

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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Measures of the metrical

The modern world runs on numbers. Madly. This is abated by computing which is numbers to its core. Well, not. Anyone poking into the depth knows that we get to hardware, eventually. And, that involves a lot of stuff. In fact, it's so complicated now that we cannot put our fingers on, get our heads wrapped around, attempt to tame, ... a whole bunch of stuff.

So, we have the need for truth engineering. And, to me, TGS, Inc.'s work will involve that. But, let's not get ahead of ourselves. After all, how might deep issues related to filling in family records and such? Ah, heard of 'deep learning' which has been on the news for a little bit now?

We've not shirked dealing with numbers. This little bit is an example. See Review and news from about this time last year. That post points back to 2015 post. There are others of the same ilk that we'll pull together. Every year, we have done a Summary.

I was just looking at some "who is largest?" work that goes on all day. Ever pick up some of these metrics and look at them? First of all, about all combinations are presents, with purty graphics. I'll not step further down that road, right now. But, one has to wonder how the data is attained. Of course, we know. It's our stuff that is freely available due to early discussions. And, that, folks, leads to open issues, still unresolved. So, this post is apropos.

Anyway, here's a little graphic relating to number of posts per month by year with the first nine months of 2019 included.
This year, I decided to do more posts, even though this is run by Google's method. We are working on other approaches, such as this little technical thing on our own server. But, again, that's ongoing. Also, it's more than technical as we discuss motivation.

So, June of this year had the greatest number of posts since the beginning. What was that? Well, There were several themes going on: the missing grave of Thomas, graves of veterans (of several wars) without any information about the person, and more. On the first, we found several paintings of the area of Gardner bridge. More stuff to do there. For one grave, we searched out the person's lineage plus filled in the family information. With that, we got findagrave updated. Also, we got ourselves involved in looking at two Thomas Gardners in the 1623/24 timeframe. Father and son? Lots to consider.

We finally looked at Chronicles of Old Salem and found it quite interesting to our newbie selves. In fact, from that, items have been added to the timeline text at the portal to truth. We have slowly been working on renovations. I have posted some information on GitHub (and will be adding more). Be aware, that we're considering important issues in a manner that does not assume much. As in, yeap, I  mainly work via a laptop. I'll get a smart phone when we get to where we're supporting TGS, Inc. via some of the 'problematic' social media. Oh yes, don't believe me when I say that we've created a mess, in general? Who else but old Thomas Gardner to use as a moral example?

Oh yes, Sidney. He wrote his thoughts on his decade plus efforts in Salem where he found little assistance. Dr. Frank helped. Too, Dr. Frank's sister, Lucie, published a continuation of Sidney's work in The Massachusetts Magazine. Sidney quit his Essex Antiquarian work and went and wrote the History of Salem. His work is the main source for information about the witch mania the yearly celebration of that is coming up.

Oh yes, my posts are longer than one normally finds. Example: The Gardiner that was. My research has found some conflicting stories. How to untangle this knot? It'll happen; we're just collecting data, at this point. Also, I go back and edit posts to add more information (or to make modifications). As well, I add in comments (timestamped). Take Dr. Frank's post. It started in February of 2011. There is also a category of Dr. Frank that pulls related posts together into one view. He was a busy guy and did a whole lot of work. Lots more stuff to discuss. Right now, I am looking at the family history of his two wives.

There are a slew of posts that point to specific articles in The Massachusetts Magazine. We really need an index. This was tried for a couple of Volumes by Dr. Frank. But, that's a lot of work. Examples: NEHGR 2016, NEHGR 2017. That took a bit of work.

As far as that goes, we need an index for Gardner's Beacon.

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