Saturday, July 8, 2017

Kansas and Lawrence

Kansas was a project of New England. Lawrence, in particular, got special attention. In Robinson Park in Douglas County, there is a plaque that commemorates those families who were involved. Some of these came as pioneers. Some came to help and went back.

Plaque, Robinson Park, Lawrence KS
The plaque contains the names of those in the first two parties. Col. Thomas Wentworth Higginson came in two years later with more supporters under the auspices of The National Kansas Committee.

1854 was the year of first arrival. Rev. Cordley covered this in his History (Final migration). Two years later, Col. Thomas Wentworth Higginson came in with more supporters (Reinforcements).

Those on the Oregon Trail went right below Mt. Oread for twenty years, before this migration started, after they left Gardner Junction (map) having split with the folks headed to Santa Fe. There was continuing use of the Oregon Trail for a couple decades after this event.

In 1943, Louise Barry wrote 'The Emigrant Aid Company Parties' which is available at the site of the Kansas Historical Society. In her article, she provides some details about each individual.

The next issue of The Gardner Annals will have more information about The National Kansas Committee.

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07/25/2021 -- Missouri is where the carving of the great U.S. landscape started. Driven, we might add, by New England. A hole exists in American history, namely the Frontier Century. We need to work on that. We'll think of some piece to honor George Kimball III who died this month in 2011, cuz of Ann several ways. 

05/06/2021 -- City of Lawrence voted to return the Big Red Rock to the Kaw Nation. 

08/07/2020 -- In this post, we are looking at two disparate spots that share a name, however there are many points in-between. Like Eudora, KS. Where "The Wakarusa meets the Kaw" is on their history site and is an example of local lore getting some attention. See "Along the Western Trails."

09/19/2018 -- Kansas saw the first case of the Spanish Flu (1918), several place. One of these was Haskell County, named for Dudley C. Haskell (descendant of Miriam Gardner).

07/23/2017 -- For those in Louise Barry's article, we need to update their information. The Thomas Gardner Society will be looking at those who were involved with The Massachusetts Magazine plus other information related to our interest. 

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03/12/2022 -- Hannah Ropes spends 6 months in Kansas with loaded pistols and Bowie knife. ..., Daniel Webster risks it all on the 7th of March. 

06/24/2022 -- Updated links to Eudora's website as topic continues to be of interest: A Ride to Kansas