The metrical

We did our first page on 16 Dec 2014. Since then, we have started several pages.

One thing a page allows is a type of structure. Earlier, we wrote on the subject of having measures. There have been several posts related to the theme which are scattered. So, we'll start with an update of the graphic of posts by month and year.
post by month and year
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The notion, of course, is that things have to be metrical in order to be measured. And if the yard stick can be applied, there are various ways that this can be done.

There have been several look backs, such as this one of the post topics from the months each year with the largest number of posts: 'Reviews and news' - 13 Oct 2018.

This was followed in 2019 by: 'The blog and the metrical' (26 Nov) and 'Measures of the metrical (5 Oct).'


Notes: 09/03/2020 -- Updated the image with the counts through August 2020.

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