Thursday, April 23, 2020


Like spring cleaning, house arrest can offer time and means for the re-arranging that gets ignored in the rush of life as modern society allows us. Little things get attention, again. And, these things are consider 'little' many times due to lack of proper insight. But, that's nothing new. We had our first look-back last year (Tenth year) with a few follow-ons scattered throughout.

Part of the approach would be to ask (and attempt to answer) some questions: How would Thomas and Margaret look at our modern, self-imposed, perils (WDDT)? Are there still lessons to learn from the great sickness of 1918 (The last issue of The Massachusetts Magazine)? What might be the best strategy to get T & M's descendants written about (say, Five Generations)? When, and how, ought we meet (Support for TGS, Inc.)? What can we learn from Sidney Perley's experience (Sidney, his discontinuance)? Technology and people, especially as we see things changing with the latest development's demands on our attention (Techie stuff, New infrastructure)?

So many more questions and possible topics. In short, everything, to date, will adjust in ways that are unexpected. However, there are universals which will be part of our focus. The American experiment has been instrumental in exploring lots of new areas; the future will be more global, albeit with a better appreciation for localities and their rights and realities.

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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Historical significances

We will start a series of these. Today's theme? Handel? He was the inspiration for several huge talents, such as Mozart, Beethoven, and others. He is known for one piece (next) that gets attention, yearly, but wrote a huge amount of wonderful pieces. As well, when was this dude around? Well, remember George I. He came from Germany to fill in for the absence of a true English (Scotish) line, thereby starting the dynasty that is still there. Handel decided that he liked the place.

While he was there, things were going on here. We'll pass over that, for now, but recall that a little later another George allowed us (U.S.) to cast off a yoke, at the same time we took on several more that we have not yet learned to manage.

So, the well-known piece? His Messiah. While browsing today, I ran across a video that was impressive (comparative note, below) which is only a few months old (14 Dec 2019). But, it was getting hits as people were listening to it over the Easter weekend (oh yes, more to discuss there, as the heritage is old). And, it was from Sydney.
Now, the comparative note relates back to New England. Many of the characters from the western development are from families that came over early, with some being way before George I came along. In any case, the western expansion is a major theme for us. 

But, my first exposure to this was in the Dorothy Chandler Hall (early 60s, was much younger). The performance was by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. So, lots of trained voices and superb musicians, including six bass players. 

This work was first performed in Dublin in 1742. It's in English. Later, it was performed yearly as a benefit. In our annals scroll, we have some items that pertain to events across the waters, such as a few related to Shakespeare. We need to create a few more that associate what was happening in each place, through time, in terms of culture as well as in those other realms of so much interest (like knocking heads). 

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Friday, April 10, 2020


Two themes pop out for this post. We are in a different time. A pandemic rages for the first time in 100 year. The last one was the Spanish Flu. We relate that to the end of the publishing of the Massachusetts Magazine. Probably, we could use associate and have things to discuss. The current mode of stay-home (social distancing) is meant to flatten the curve.

We mentioned the 'father of battlefield medicine' a little earlier. Post Gettysburg, he had a tent-city hospital put into place. We have seen that in NYC with both empty structures (to wit, the houses commandeered in the U.S. Civil War) being converted (one contributor of expertise was the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) as well as tents being raised (Central Park).

So, a new reality, lots say. One new trend is the digital/virtual; that is, almost universal work from home taking place. Except, again, those who deal with the real issues do not have this choice. And, the techies can learn that 'robotics' will not replace need for human qualities, of which compassion is not the most desired. TLC in the context of doing things right is the huge factor that got ignored in the supposed progress of the past decade and one-half.

So, that's one theme. Another deals with the TGS, Inc. and the future. Research has been a key focus with lots of accomplishments (which are found discussed in these posts - see Timelines which will be extended). As we see with 2020, the Mayflower's arrival is (will be) celebrated, though the state of affairs with respect to a virus has had an impact. There is a long list of pending task related to our interest. As seen by Sidney, there is an absence of support and assistance, somewhat like we're seeing with the onslaught of demands upon the front-line medical folks. With regard to Sidney, he stopped the Essex Antiquarian work which was picked up by Lucie (sister of Dr. Frank). Then, Sidney went on to write the History of Salem.

BTW, the chapters on the witch hunt can be found at the University of Virginia. Mentioning this as someone expressed surprise on FB. Oh yes, FB. An example of the past decade and one-half that needs attention and will get it. But, it is an example of the new way mentioned above. Lots and lots of characteristics of the life of the early New Englanders have some applicability to this type of discussion. As in, the American experiment is not just related to the latest in-flow of those in need. Lots to discuss.

Too, though, history will be rewritten, many ways. We have seen glimmers of this. And, the U.S. and its experiences are a key item, starting from 400+ years ago and going back and forth in time. There are many technological approaches that will apply, some of which we have not seen due to improper foci by the parties involved. Oh yes, we have posts on that.

The past few months, we have had several posts here. This is the first for April, so that raised the question. How many posts have there been per month? Well, it might be better to look at the spread which goes from a min of 1 to a max of 12.  Those '1' months happened much more than we would want. The '12' months were from last year. So, the average varies by year. One thing brought by technology is the numeric overlay, but it can be carried too far (see above mention of the human element's forte - it's not number theory).

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