Thursday, April 23, 2020


Like spring cleaning, house arrest can offer time and means for the re-arranging that gets ignored in the rush of life as modern society allows us. Little things get attention, again. And, these things are consider 'little' many times due to lack of proper insight. But, that's nothing new. We had our first look-back last year (Tenth year) with a few follow-ons scattered throughout.

Part of the approach would be to ask (and attempt to answer) some questions: How would Thomas and Margaret look at our modern, self-imposed, perils (WDDT)? Are there still lessons to learn from the great sickness of 1918 (The last issue of The Massachusetts Magazine)? What might be the best strategy to get T & M's descendants written about (say, Five Generations)? When, and how, ought we meet (Support for TGS, Inc.)? What can we learn from Sidney Perley's experience (Sidney, his discontinuance)? Technology and people, especially as we see things changing with the latest development's demands on our attention (Techie stuff, New infrastructure)?

So many more questions and possible topics. In short, everything, to date, will adjust in ways that are unexpected. However, there are universals which will be part of our focus. The American experiment has been instrumental in exploring lots of new areas; the future will be more global, albeit with a better appreciation for localities and their rights and realities.

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