Friday, January 18, 2019

Tenth year

The first diving into this type of work was in 2009, and the blog started later, in 2010. So we can take this time as an opportunity to do reviews and can offer this as the first post of the type that we will continue to do and update all year.

This list is brief. We will looking for other examples as we review all of the posts.
  • One of our first look-abouts was back in 2013 with a view to the 400th anniversary. At the time, the year was expected to be 2024, but one might, we learned later, argue for 2023. So, 400 is significant as we see from the already celebrating Plymouth folk. We will keep earlier activities in mind. 
  • One activity the past month has been to create and update an image index that maps each image into a blog post (see Right now, the images are in order by the year and month of the post, but we will are working toward a general search capability. In late December, we updated the chart of post counts by year and month and expect to map to over one-half of the posts. 
  • We also have the unfortunate task of following up on the question of "Where is Thomas?" As such, we'll leave no stone unturned. For starters, we have collected posts about Thomas and his character.  
  • There have been several contributors to our work. One example is John Goff who has provided several articles and commentary.
  • Another goal will be to get the first few generations documented which has been a standing wish for some time. We have one means, via WikiTree. We will be looking at the tree service being offered by the NEHGS. Other means (not ancestry)? 
On our site, other buttons are planned. Anyone interested in the development process can assist. Let us know. At some point, we'll start to itemize the new functions and their status as some will be more easily done than others. Too, though, the future issues will continue to be on the table. 

Remarks: Modified: 01/05/2020

01/05/2020 -- We have several references to the decade's work this year. Two of those was the look ahead (Decade start) and Gardner's Beacon (Vol. IX, No. 3).

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