Saturday, December 28, 2019

Gardner's Beacon, Vol IX, No 3

This issue of Gardner's Beacon looks at our decade of work and recaps a few important items overall as well addresses activities within the last year. We find our plate full of accomplishments yet the todos are a large set, too.

On a review of Dr. Frank's books, we see that the 1907 book looked at some descendants of all of the children, however most were of Samuel's line. The 1933 book followed George. We need to fill in five generations, at least, for the remainder of the children, as well as, adding more lines from Samuel and George. We have started to use WikiTree for this purpose.

GB IX, 3

The fifth volume of The Gardner Annals is in preparation. We expect to have two issues of this volume. Then, we can take the entirety of the material and re-frame for a book that is suitable for libraries. We are looking for articles.


See Vol. IX, No. 3 of Gardner's Beacon for ... Sources.

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