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Elizabeth (Gardner) Dabney Bridges Stevens

As mentioned in the post on Elizabeth (Gardner) Gardner, we have started to review our decade worth of accumulation. One focus of research has been to fill in Dr. Frank's tree more than he did in his 1907 book. In 2018, we made progress with this mother's heritage. Another has been oriented toward collateral families, including those who moved outside of New England. That gets us to looking at the western expansion among other things. Another theme was 'All things Gardner' as we have heard from many of the Gardner families that Dr. Frank mentioned. Then, there was an interest in what came before: origins and more (FAQ provides a summary and links to further material). And, that encompasses the fuller view of England (and Europe).

How we proceed is an open issue. We will be scholarly and fund research for others (see our Portal (to truth) and the support button). We expect a lot more posts. We have experimented with different blogging methods as well as produced the Gardner's Beacon and The Gardner Annals (GB Vol IX, No 3 and TGA Vol V, No 2 undergoing construction - still time to contribute).

Organizing will be a continuing task. Presentation will continue to be on the www as well as by print. After we finish five volumes of The Gardner Annals, we intend to prepare a printed version beyond our current volumes. This will consolidate information to be more suitable for future research.

WikiTree has been really helpful, for several reasons. However, as with any of these tools, what one gets dependents upon the care and quality of the work. The New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) has been using WikiTree to document descendants of those who were part of the Great Migration. As well, they have a focus on Gateway Ancestors. In this case, there is an effort to build proven threads back to the Magna Carta Sureties. Lots of work to be done. Technology can be a great assist. Effort is a major factor.

Dr. Frank's work was phenomenal. We have mentioned that. Too, we are using his work as the basis for what we do. Other works, such as the NEHGS provides, are complementary. We will correct (extend and amend) Dr. Frank's material. And, we'll be using our 'Portal to truth' (which has a basis not unlike other things of theoretical interest).

Which gets us to Elizabeth (Gardner) Dabney Bridges Stevens. After we looked at Elizabeth (Gardner) Blanchard (post describes the motivation), we found a few more Elizabeth Gardners. There are other names, but this one search allowed us to look more closely at the 1907 and 1933 books (we'll have a new table of comparison drawn up). EGDBS was found on page 178 of the 1907 book (see image). She was 1-#159. The entry was short. One line said that Elizabeth married Ebenezer Stevens. Per usual, we go to look via search (a technique that has been honed). One thing we found was a reference to a portrait of her (Item #2043).

1907 book, showing
correction by Dr. Frank
Well, that suggested that she might very well be in the 1933 book. She is 2-#56 in the later work. There was more text describing her marriages. On further looking, though, Dr. Frank had included some of the new material in 'Additions and Corrections' section. In the image, the left side is a copy of the page from the 1907 edition; on the right is the correction from the same edition.

Her first husband, Nathaniel Dabney, was a loyalist. We have a couple of posts on that subject, for instance, Henry Gardner. But, there were other loyalists who have ties to the Gardner families or are of interest to our work.

Right now, we just want to emphasis the thoroughness of Dr. Frank. In the 1933 edition, he expands information about the other two husbands, including their parents.

We will be looking at this topic further after we find more information about Elizabeth.

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