Monday, December 9, 2019

All things Gardner

We haven't had a post on this theme that pulls thing together. So, this is it. We have used 'all things Gardner' since 2016. For now, let's just have a list of posts that refer to the concept which we will use as source for a review.
  • Gardners and Gardners (Sep 2010) - Early on, we had queries about Gardner. In some cases, we helped people identify their families. In lots of cases, we pointed people to the most likely place to look for information. Say, tracking all of the Gardner references in the Mormon records. That is, those who did the trek by foot, say. Some took the loafing way around by boat, except one had to go through Central America, by one method. And, once to the west coast, there was the journey to Utah. Lots of other examples. 
  • Historical genealogy (Nov 2010) - First look at some early stuff. Turns out that Richardson has looked at this, too. 
  • Places (Nov 2014) - First place was Gardiner, Oregon. After that, several more. An open bit of research is to get several viewpoints documented. Then, we can see which might be more true than not. Interesting conundrum? 
  • DNA and genealogy (May 2016) - We have had queries about DNA for a long time (we'll get the first of those references). Having a technology focus, we have been slowly diving in. Heavy in? Not really, until a bunch of questions are answered. Questions? Yes, we'll have those. In time. 
  • Bosworth and more (May 2016) - This has the theme related to things in the old countries. Early on, we ran into stories. They are still being considered. 
  • Gardiners Island (Jul 2016) - We have looked at places with the name. As well, we have looked at people with the name. A recent post? Gardner River
  • Continuing work (Sep 2016) - MHGardner, as an example. We need to link in some recent material related to a house that he owned (had built - 1800s) that is being remodeled. 
  • Privileged or not (Nov 2016) - Loyalists. We've barely scratched the surface here. 
  • U.S. and us (Feb 2017) - We have several open research projects going. Our focus deals with the collateral issue, not just Gardner (and variations on that theme). One basic piece of the territory is Cape Ann and all matters related to that effort. BTW, we mention some of the names that are being studied. 
  • Summaries (Nov 2018) - Like we're doing here. 
  • ... we will have more ... 

... more edits on the way ...

We got news that a book on Gardners has been printed. It is Vol. 1; there will be two more.
  • GARDNER Vol. I: Commandos and War Heroes details the history of the surname and contains 45 biographies on warriors, mercenaries, knights, commandos and war heroes with the last name, ranging from generals to fighter pilots to Navy SEALs with the last name Gardner. 
See: Amazon for more details. Looking for a review.

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