Friday, May 27, 2016

Bosworth and more

Context: New Science.


Earlier, we looked at the Richard III and Gardner. In our first year, we ran across the story of how the Tudors came to be. At that time, there were stories, even on Wikipedia. After some discussion (some seemingly vindictive), parts of the story were suppressed.

So, now, we will do a review. This is a start based upon recently acquired information.

This is a nice little site: Archeology Data Service. Let me quote one page: The Burgundian chronicler Jean Molinet chronicled the following  “Richard suffers an ignominious death, trying to flee from the field, at the hands of a Welshman armed with a halberd (therefore presumably a lower ranking soldier), whilst attempting to flee the field of battle.” See this report on Bosworth Military History.

This brief review is about a 1991 book that covers some of the Gardner connection. Looking at this Maryland family allowed me to get into other Gardner families. We will be updating the list (Gardners and Gardners - second most-read post). Also, I have had the chance to get familiar with the southern region (Disclosure: Spent over three years in the NOVA/MD region of DC. Unfortunately, I have not spent significant time in northern New England, yet.). Northerners, be aware that there were two "Paul Revere" types of ride in the south, namely Virginia and South Carolina.

Before leaving, I need to show the other side: Supposed daughters of an Earl.

Again, Gardner Research (DNA, et al) deals with all things Gardner. Help us present to most-supported material as well as make available all of the alternative bits of information. After all, the world is fuzzy (yeah, Zadeh).

Remarks: Modified: 10/10/2018

07/09/2016 -- On Richard III and Gardners.

07/10/2016 -- Mission of The Richard III Society. It is good to see 500 years back being studied. We wish to do similarly for Thomas and Margaret.

07/12/2016 -- We need to be like those doing Ichnology. Added context to front of post.

12/18/2016 -- Article about the subject published in The Gardner Annals, Vol. III, No. 1.

10/10/2018 -- We just printed TGA Vols III and IV (available for purchase) which contains David T. Gardner's articles about the Gardners, Bosworth, and Tudors. As well, historical author, Douglas Richardson, has William Gardner in his books (Plantagenet Ancestry, Magna Carta Ancestry and Royal Ancestry) with his marriage to Helen Tudor (see Our Royal, Titled, Noble, and Commoner Ancestors & Cousins site).

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