Sunday, May 1, 2016

May 1st

This is the day that Nathaniel Hawthorne memorialized.

Incidentally, the supposed uncle, Rev. John White, trashed the people who where there. Too, he sort of implied that the Cape Ann crew were of that ilk (not that I'm judging ;-). But, we know better.


Whence issues need to be at the fore of things, as this page shows up.

It is a copy of a now-deleted Wikipedia page that was copied to another site thereby cutting links related to updates.

You see why the web is a bloody mess? Notice the ads. The thing is to copy content and make money on eyes being lured there. Ah, how did this commerce ontology take precedence? Thanks, guys.

Remarks: Modified: 08/06/2016

05/14/2016 -- As we saw with the analysis related to Richard III's remains being identified and associated with descendants of his sister, modern technology does bring new things to the table. And, there were Welsh warriors present at Bosworth, some of whom may be Gardners. We have received access to additional material and will be presenting that story.

08/06/2016 -- More on All things Gardners.

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