Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mission and method

This post is a little belated, however better late than never.

Mission -- Tell the story of Thomas and Margaret and their offspring. As well, elevate the awareness of those who contributed, especially those to whom history gives little attention.

See Thomas Gardner Society site: purpose.

As Henry Williams Elson wrote: "The Pilgrims of 1620 were men of great zeal, but of little knowledge; many of the Puritans of 1630, however, were men of education and fortune, members of Parliament, or clergymen of the most liberal education."   History of the United States, 1904

Links -- posts will link back to this blog in order to have a bi-directional flow. Links to other sites can degrade, decay, and such. For instance, at rootsweb, a page can change due to indexing which then alters when there is an update. Perhaps, an image capture might help, until we get our own database in place.

Method -- In regard to the blog, posts are usually be done in 3 stages: initial draft, then links to on-line supporting material, finally editing to remove any troublesome-ness.

All edits, after the initial date, will be marked by a datestamp.

Aside: the initial draft, and edit, is done the old-fashioned way, without a fancy on-line editor. Except for some minor spell-checking, refinement comes from successive eye-balling (which can be problematic - has anyone counted the number of passes needed to remove minor issues from text?) and modifications. Hence, a little patience is requested from the reader; a gestalt-based type of, as if listening to a, reading is what works. Eventually, the errors will diminish, grammar will converge to something more permanent, but meaning is always intended to be more clear than not.

Since posts develop on-line through drafts toward a final version, an ellipsis (...) will indicate further work is on-going for the early stages. Absence of ... implies a sort of completion.

Additional material can be found under Remarks which will be on-going additions. There will be an effort to keep bi-directional links. Occasionally, a post will recap some theme and will include material from earlier posts.


04/19/2021 -- Add icon for use by portal listing. 

04/02/2016 -- There was a pointer to the original site (MS reneged - long story): On the method, see the Profile.

12/31/2011 -- see Wishlist under Profile (or this). Funny thing about being a touch-typist: many times there is a slip (which I call Jungian) where the keys thought of in (and expressed through) the nervous system (you know, it includes the brain) differ. Yes. And, watching what is in the head more than what is on the screen allows the word to not be noticed. If the secondary, and tertiary, editing steps are by-passed (all sorts of reasons for this), the mangled text will be there until later noticed and corrected. A resolution for 2012 will be to not just alter the text but to insert the correction with square brackets []. After some time to allow a collection of these, an interesting bit of analysis might be in order.

Modified: 04/02/2016

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