Thursday, May 5, 2011

Times and more times

Recent events bring several things to fore, in the context of this blog. Earlier, it was noted that we want to look at early times for awhile before coming forward. Too, we ought to cut off about 1900, unless it deals with something of common knowledge or permission is granted. Then there would be the large middle periods, hopefully some attention being paid to various movements (westward, northward, ... - for instance, was there both blue and grey?) over the decades.

Early times would include information about the great migration and more, such as collateral families. The more later times would cover the wide net cast by Thomas and Margaret in terms of their progeny, such as Dr. Frank A, the John Lowells, Lucretia Coffin Mott, the two cousins, and more. For the middle times, the Nathaniels (Bowditch, Hawthorne) are good examples.

At all times, we'll keep things as coherent, as possible, knowing, though, that missing information cannot be recovered, many times. Yet, for some types of detail there is always hope.

In any case, at best, we can provide a fuzzy view. Hopefully, effort can bring things more into focus, except where there is no information. Some call that a brick wall, however a better metaphor might be a door: sometimes closed, perhaps at times ajar allowing a peek - we want wide-open doors, for the most part. But, some modern proof techniques, that deal with conditions of uncertainty, will have some usefulness, to boot.


Here are three items that will continue to bear some focus.
  • The wedding of last week caught a lot of attention. That the Duchess of Cambridge is a commoner was mentioned a lot. However, she is also an example of the RD work that will be on-going. Turns out that she is cousin to many Americans. Too, she is about a 15th cousin of the Duke. There has been some discussion of RD in these post; next up, will be a re-look at Simon Stacy (Samuel/Abel/Abel) with more information in this regard (several gateways). 
  • Along that line, some have proposed links between the early Gardner families. There are many ways to conjecture about this. One reasonable task might be to collect all of the different views that have arisen over time, that are documented. For instance, did Thomas have a sister Rachel who married Thomas Noble (we'll explore this further)? This listing is for research showing the descendants of Thomas and Elizabeth (White) Gardner (stale link - parents of Thomas) that include Rachel.
  • In regard to Margaret, Thomas Gardner's wife, some have her father as Thomas Frier (Ingersoll (stale) - here is the page for Thomas Gardner (stale) at the site, Margaret - at Ancestral Archives - stale). Of course, look at the Great Migration to see Margaret Unknown proposed as a second wife.
One effort will go into building a database starting with Thomas and Margaret that would include all of the collateral families. A wrinkle is how to resolve down to one tree a fairly disparate bunch of views. Or, since some are conjectures, can we really compare these (that is, need to allow multiple trees)?


03/19/2021 -- Add icon for the portal list. 

06/04/2019 -- For latest on Margaret, see post with regard to her parents. And, her WikiTree Profile which shows her as mother of Thomas' children.

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