Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gardners and Gardners II

In an earlier post, we started with the list from Dr. Frank's book and then added in several families. We will start a new list here shortly (see below).


However, first, we can add (still need to verify this against what we already know) in another family, Samuel Gardner (descendants - database sponsored by Samuel is noted as being the son of Joseph and was born in England. Darryl Lundy's site has him migrating in the 1600s; he died in MA in 1696.


Now, Darryl has been doing an interesting project. He has taken information from books, such as Burke's Peerage, and has been adding this into a data base (see descendants above). As well, he has used information that has been documented. As you would expect, this work is not easy; Darryl's focus on this has been exemplary.

This post is meant to bring Darryl's work to attention as I have just started to review it in detail. It looks like it can be regularly used henceforth, as I have matched up some collateral family information with this database.


Similar projects are on-going in the US, to boot, such as the D.A.R. database. In the D.A.R. case, as strings (member back to a Patriot and, perhaps, beyond) get documented, they can be matched up (fiber metaphor applies).

Hopefully, we can help put together a well-sourced database for Thomas and Margaret.


09/08/2016 -- People in Dr. Frank's book.

03/11/2015 -- Sourced ahnentafels (published in TEG and The Gardner Annals): Thomas Gardner of Salem descendant (Benjamin Brown Gardner - grandfather of Dr. Frank) and Thomas Gardner of Roxbury descendant (Susan Charlotte Graves Gardner - aunt of Dr. Frank).

04/23/2012 -- Conjectures are nice, if supported; in fact, we'll have an example of that shortly in regard to Thomas and Margaret. There are too many gaps, in many cases. We can't just fill these in without some thoughtful reason. Some families have on-going research that is supported by DNA analysis. One that I found to be interesting is the Gordon family's work.

05/21/2011 -- List from the American Historic Register. Named Thomas as one of the "Historic Founders" of the Mass Bay colony.

Modified: 09/08/2016

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