Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gardner's Beacon, Vol. I, No. 1

Today, the first newsletter was published at the Thomas Gardner Society site. It has the title of Gardner's Beacon.

Vol. I, No. 1 has an overview of Thomas' and Margaret's lives in Cape Ann and in Salem. There is a list of the children who will be featured in future articles.

This issue is the beginning of a long series, we hope, that will allow a more permanent, and printable, presentation of information about Thomas and his life. Summaries of articles will continue to be found on the blog.

We are inviting contributions of articles in regard to the topics. At some point, an issue will be devoted to a bibliography related to Thomas, Margaret, and their descendants which will be kept updated.


Winthrop wanted his 'city on the hill' established here as a theocracy. We expect that Thomas Gardner will continue to be the shining light (beacon) across generations.

GB I, 1 (PDF w/links)


02/23/2022 -- Added link to PDF with links for sources. 

04/30/2012 -- References to the news letter ought to be Gardner's Beacon

08/31/2011 -- Vol I., No. 3

06/29/2011 -- Vol I., No. 2

Modified: 02/23/2022

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