Saturday, April 27, 2013

American Indians

After running across several sites with pertinent information, I'll start to post these here.
  • - "The specific purpose of this project is to bring focus to the subject of the American Indian Deeds as recorded in Essex County and also to the American Indian population, which was living here in the 17th Century. "
  • - The site for the New England Antiquities Research Association.

There will be lots to collect about the Gardners and the prior residents. For instance, the King Philip's war was a threshold event, many ways. During that troubled time, Nantucket was peaceful,  with the Gardners playing a large role in this.


The focus remains the very early times. Lots to look at. Any volunteers want to cover other areas?

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Heritage Society communities

We did mention the group before (see Ebenezer of Maine), but the group (HSC) needs its own post. They have met in April every year now (for awhile) in DC which is Cherry Blossom time. So, DC is a madhouse (in many more ways during the events). While many visitors are out looking at the blooming sites, others are holed up in meeting rooms talking ancestors and tasks related to their groups.

Or, they're talking the absence of youth in the meeting (or the lack of interest in the younger folks for these themes). Of course, the HSC events are held during the school year. So, that explains some of the absence.
Having been in the area during D.A.R. times (just before July 4, every year), though, makes one wonder if that would be not a great time, either. Hot and humid are the watchwords. A tradition talks about how those who were posted to DC (swamp city?), especially during the summer, required tropic's pay. 

The HSC is on Facebook, and elsewhere, if someone wants more information.  


Heritage has several meanings, and, with people, we have both nature and nurture. The prime focus here has the biological flavor, however the other aspect shows up to with all of the "step" relationships that one will find in almost every family. People died young; their spouses remarried; the left-behind kids still needed to be raised.  

So, one could think of an "auxiliary" unit that ought to attach to all of these groups that recognizes the contribution of the ancestors to the offspring of their step-child. Of course, such would require dealing with various types of tangled relationships. 

Here is an early example that I put for Thomas on Wikipedia (almost). Note that I put it under degrees of separation. In many cases, it is very close (as in, an infant spent his/her whole lifetime under the tutelage (supposedly -- hopefully? -- a good one) of a "step" parent through no choice), and, in many cases, that type of thing caused confusion in family tree work. 


04/09/2013 -- Naturally, dealing with this type of thing would cause increases in cardinality and complexity. Yet, the world never has been a simple place.

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