Saturday, April 27, 2013

American Indians

After running across several sites with pertinent information, I'll start to post these here.
  • - "The specific purpose of this project is to bring focus to the subject of the American Indian Deeds as recorded in Essex County and also to the American Indian population, which was living here in the 17th Century. "
  • - The site for the New England Antiquities Research Association.

There will be lots to collect about the Gardners and the prior residents. For instance, the King Philip's war was a threshold event, many ways. During that troubled time, Nantucket was peaceful,  with the Gardners playing a large role in this.


The focus remains the very early times. Lots to look at. Any volunteers want to cover other areas?

Remarks: Modified: 02/27/2021

02/27/2021 -- Changed to using American Indian. 

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