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Dr Frank A Gardner

Note: Link to on-line versions of Dr. Frank's books 
                              1907 edition, 1933 edition
                          The Massachusetts Magazine

Note: Gardner pedigree for Dr. Frank and his sister, Lucie M. 


Several posts have mentioned Dr Frank A. We will use his line quite often as we fill in the tree.

Dr Frank's book is now available via the Internet Archive in several readable forms, including PDF. Here is the link:
The 'Read online' option provides a nice interface that has a fast search; the results are given with easy to use bookmarks. See next, for an example.

Dr Frank's book gives descendants for Essex County and New England "lines to the eighth generation and Nantucket lines through the fourth generation" and includes his father's siblings (page 286 has information about Dr Frank's father, Stephen Wilson Gardner, and his mother, Marion Wallace Woods).

Fortunately for us, this book provides sources which is important for resolution of questions. In many cases, records are missing for a variety of reasons in many areas. Essex County seems to have been able to preserve a lot of their records.

The Gardner families were spread widely, according to the book. It will be interesting to see the locations mapped out as they were at the time of the book and at this later time.


09/08/2016 -- People in Dr. Frank's book.

12/17/2015 -- Life of Dr. Frank is featured in The Gardner Annals, Vol. II, No. 2.

12/13/2015 -- Find A Grave - Gardner.

05/21/2105 -- We will feature Dr. Frank in our research. For now, we have the ahnentafels (fully sourced) for his paternal grandparents. One of his activities was editing and promoting The Massachusetts Magazine.

03/20/2015 -- Add links to the on-line copy of the books (1907, 1933). Fix a stale pointer.

03/12/2015 -- Image from 1933 book (7 pages) on Gardners.

03/11/2015 -- Sourced ahnentafels (published in TEG and The Gardner Annals): Thomas Gardner of Salem descendant (Benjamin Brown Gardner - grandfather of Dr. Frank) and Thomas Gardner of Roxbury descendant (Susan Charlotte Graves Gardner - aunt of Dr. Frank).

02/27/2015 -- Dr. Frank's paternal ancestry completed. Turns out that Dr. Frank is a descendant of Nathaniel Eaton. Being degreed in the theological framework, as well as having the M.D. and a general Ph.D., puts him in a different light, one might think.

01/03/2015 - Note, Dr. Frank A.'s Gardner Memorial book is digitized and on-line (Hathi Trust).

10/03/2014 -- Dr. Frank A. will feature in the future. Was he right about Thomas and Margaret (their marriage record found, recently)? Why did the Great Migration Project ignore him?

08/29/2014 -- Dr. Frank's grandmother's ahnentafel (six generations, fully sources for births and deaths).

04/29/2014 -- Dr. Frank's grandmother, Lucy Foster Wilson.

11/13/2013 --  Phippen would be part of the slate fill.

06/15/2013 -- John Farmer wrote that Thomas was from Scotland. Origins are, and will be, a focus.

12/25/2012 -- Added Google Docs version.

12/24/2012 -- Thomas, unlike Conant, was not overshadowed in the world of being. We'll spend some time characterizing this fact and what it means to reasonable folks.

08/07/2011 -- At a later time, we'll look more fully at Dr. Frank's tree, such as this one of his grandmother, Lucy Foster Wilson (Goldthwait, Adams, Conant, ...).

05/08/2011 -- The image is from page 74 of Dr Frank's book where he mentions notes for a future book. It would be interesting to see these notes. Where might they be?

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