Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Great migration

Thomas Gardner in
Great Migration
Some may know of this project, but here is a link to the Great Migration study that is looking at New England, and all of the families that arrived, from 1620-1640.

Thomas Gardner has 6 pages (Vols I-III, pg 731).updated 06/17/2013 

The study proposes that Margaret was Thomas' second wife; we'll continue with Dr Frank A's hypothesis (Margaret arrived with Thomas at Cape Ann in 1624) until proven otherwise.

While looking at some issues with one family, one researcher referenced what was written by this project. In a sense, it may be the new bible concerning the early times.

Don't worry, we'll check this work out. In one case, I've already noticed an oversight. But, trying to address that type of thing will await some more review.


11/21/2019 -- Lots of updates on Dr. Frank: 1907 chart, WikiTree, Frank signed his father's copy of the 1907 book, and Dr. Frank's remains.

03/03/3015 -- Updated the link to the NEHGS copy of Great Migration. Seems that everyone is converting to please the mobile crowd (not always improvements). See, too, Zouch Phoenix.

10/03/2014 -- Dr. Frank A. will feature in the future. Was he right about Thomas and Margaret (their marriage record found, recently)? Why did the Great Migration Project ignore him?

06/19/2013 -- NEHGS rearranged their database. Today, updated the link for the 6 pages. Added the image of the first page.

07/21/2011 -- From whence? Coffin, from Nantucket, said Dorset (Sherborne).

Modified: 11/21/2019

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