Monday, May 21, 2018

1907 chart

Dr. Frank took the time to fill in his ancestral chart using a approach patented by Rev. F.W. Bailey. So, we have an early 1900s analog of a printout from one of the modern apps. And, it is in his hand. I checked what he had against what I found out in my research. We agree. I just have access to more information, due to technology.

Nowadays, we can work from our desk whereas he had to travel and thumb through documents, many times. We have access to books that were being written in his time, albeit many of these are not worth much. Alas. Dr. Frank may have known several of these authors and have known their results. But, his efforts were contained to work in New England. The 1907 book dealt mainly with the family of Samuel.

Note: See "person list" for names in the 1907 book compared to those in the 1933 book (Gardner Memorial).

These are the main pages of the book that Dr. Frank filled in. Following are the ahnentafels for his Gardner grandparents. We will prepare these for his mother's side.
Cover of book

Again, one reason for starting with Dr. Frank was to leverage off of his work. In his 1907 book, we had the children and grandchildren for the other children of Thomas and Margaret. We really need something that pulls together the first three or four generations.

I propose using The Gardner Annals. We will be printing Volumes III and IV, soon. There is still time to offer something. An ahnentafel is easy to write.

Aside, Dr. Frank does include Anna Eaton. So, he knew. This subject will be further researched. That is, Dr. Frank and his cousins being descendant of Nathaniel Eaton. Yes, a story that needs a relook. Looks like fun.

It might be of interest to know that we intend to cover the Sir Christopher Gardner story, to boot.

Remarks: Modified: 03/14/2019

09/07/2018 -- Finally got around to filling in Dr. Frank's tree, using WikiTree. His Gardner line is fairly complete, in terms of data entry. Starting to fill in his Woods (maternal) line using Dr. Frank's handwritten notes. The focus now for this work is having nodes (profiles) in place and linked. Then, we'll add bios, etc., plus verify sources (as in, this will be the 'bible' of his lineage - we fill in sources as we go - to be extended later with further research by Gardner Research). Finding interesting stuff: Dr. Frank is a descendant of Demaris, too, the last wife of Thomas. 

03/14/2019 -- On WikiTree, added information about Dr. Frank's first wife: Caroline Louisa Read who was the daughter of John Franklin Read and Caroline Louisa Chase. Changed burial for Pauline Gardner Donnell, his daughter, to Newcastle, ME.


  1. Pauline Gardner Donnell, my grandmother, buried in Sheepscot Cemetery, Maine as is my grandfather, Colonel Philip Stone Donnell, not Whitfield.

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