Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whaling Gardners

Last time, we looked at Ebenezer who moved from Nova Scotia to Maine during the war. Then, we discovered a book on the Maine Gardners.

This time, let's consider some of the families on Nantucket. Recall that we earlier quoted William C. Folger in talking about how family stories abound. One of our tasks is firming up the basis for these in order to carry forward a strong foundation to the future (arguable, of course).

Earlier, I saw a page on Wikipedia about the Whaling Gardners. I did not, at the time, know whether they were related to Thomas and Margaret. Now, I know that they are.
Essex Disaster

I put Gideon Gardner (Thomas, Richard, Richard -- pedigree via Coffin family) on the Descendants list. One goal for the descendants list has been to have a wide collection, and varied to show the expanse, as Thomas' progeny set is very large both in accumulation (across all of the generations) and in count of those who are, concurrently, on the planet and who have Thomas and Margaret among their ancestors.

We could also look at possible interactions between cousins, such as we saw in the post on Lady Franklin Bay expedition. Captain George William Coffin (Thomas, Richard, John) was of the Nantucket family.

Dr.Frank's book lists many mariners. It might be interesting to collect these. For instance, in my readings of the past few days, I saw a reference to John Paul Jones in some situation with which a Gardner was involved. I'll have to find that.

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07/21/2011 -- More on Nantucket.
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