Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Henry Gardner, the Loyalist

The last post, we wrote about Abigail, wife of Silvester. This was of the George of Rhode Island family. That suggested a re-look at the Gardner book (1907).

pgs 218-220
Thomas Gardner (planter) and descendants ...
F.A. Gardner, MD. 1907
Dr. Frank wrote of Henry and Weld Gardner, both Loyalists. Why caps? We think that we need to hear about the other side of the story, again, and will help facilitate another, personally filled out, look at those early moments. We all know that ex-post-facto considerations throw out a whole lot of detail.

The History of Massachusetts site wrote about General Gage a few years ago (Was General Thomas Gage Born to Lose?). They looked at his family history which is unusual in several ways. For one, it is nice to be able to have that ability to trace the past, as such following of links back is not typical.

There have been many other studies. One of note deals with houses in Salem. In particular, this look at William "Old Billy" Gray who was mentored by Henry and Weld's grandfather. General Gage and Hon. William Browne, Esq (whose house Gray obtained later - see page 4) dallied while the patriots met in their subversive manner.

Expect further posts on this matter.

Remarks: Modified: 09/15/2021

10/12/2016 -- Comment at History of Massachusetts.

09/15/2021 -- We will look at Loyalists and houses and families. 

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