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Another trail

Earlier, we looked at the western movement (Westward Ho) that started after Lewis & Clark let the easterners know about the huge country to the west. As well as going on land, there were ways by sea. One was long and around the Cape. The other consisted to two sails with an arduous crossing in Central America.

There was another trail. That followed by the Mormons (Mormon Trail). It had some commonality with the Oregon Trail, however the mode of travel was somewhat different after the earlier trips. Putting together proper supplies for the trip required funds.

There were many who wanted to go west, yet they could not afford to do it in the normal manner. So, they went on foot, pulling hand carts: Mormon handcart pioneers.

While researching the western flow, I ran across a book that provides information about those who took the journey. There is genealogical information; plus, their arrival and with what company is noted. Each year, people formed groups that traveled together.
Both of these reference Gardner/Gardiner families. Some of the families came from Europe. We will look at that further. The later issue of the book has more information with photos.

There were many New England families, such as Herber Chase Kimball. Herber was the grandfather of Spencer W. Kimball (LDS President 1973-1985).

The launching point for this moving over land was western Illinois. There were many New England families that were involved in the development of this and surrounding states. We will look at some interesting aspects of that.

Meanwhile, some links to further material.
An example of movement by sea is the Brooklyn that sailed New York to San Francisco in 1845.

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