Thursday, January 31, 2019

Configuration issues

In the mode of continual progress, we are firming up some points, such as the use of native mode (html/css/js) at our main site. Along with this, we got SSL rolling so that we could have private business exchanges. Too, we added in Search at the main site and the blog. At the main site, there are no ads. For the blog, they are there until we get them turned off due to our non-profit status.

The main benefit is that they are formatted the same which gives us opportunity to build an index and much more. The image shows a search on 'Cape Ann' at both sites. One returned 36 results; the other gave us 56 results.

 Another development is that the NEHGS now has a genealogical tree builder. So, we will be looking at that this year. Last year, we finally got back to WikiTree and found it very useful. For instance, we go the Thomas/Margaret issue raised up and settled. As well, once I received some hand-written material that was done by Dr. Frank, I updated a tree for him that is almost complete. This goes back to Thomas and Margaret.

Dr. Frank featured
At the same time, findagrave has upgraded itself. So, I put in a virtual record for the Gardner burial plot (the theme of remain status will be prominent this year). There is a lot more to report. Our tenth year will be really busy as we get ready for the upcoming 400ths.

Remarks: Modified: 02/02/2019

02/02/2019 -- Search at the main site and on this blog are ad-free non-profit. We can start to build indexes. That is one task. What would they look like? 

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