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Gentleman, every man, and much more

Right now, this post has links to posts from several different points in time. We are reviewing the posts as a means to assess the research done so far, to see where we need to put more attention, and to lay out future research.

This is one theme of many that will be of continual interest. It has to do with Thomas. But, we will focus on Margaret, too. For the kids? We need to get the first five generations identified. Then, there are a slew of topics that are general, such as The Massachusetts Magazine, collateral families, WikiTree (technology, in general), and such.

These posts are all from the TGS blog except for the last one. As well, there will be things pulled from work being done on Quora.

This blog shows a recurring theme (or op-eds, if you would):
  • True Gentleman (23 Aug 2011) -- Obviously, Thomas had talents and abilities and power (personal); in the longer course of history, the reality is not of those whose stories get told. Hence, our focus will be the rewrite that is necessary as an example of what will become the norm, in the future. 
  • Written out of history (31 Aug 2011) -- My first impression was that the whole Cape Ann thing was cut off to be forgotten, after, of course, Rev John (White) raked the reputation of those daring souls through the mud. Pox on him. 
  • Backbone and more (2 Dec 2011) -- Many (like Harvard) look to the brain; a human would not be without the substantial backbone. Some now still demonstrate this. 
  • No shadow over Thomas (4 Dec 2011) -- Thomas and Margaret needed no sponsor nor special treatment. That story has to be told. 
  • Remembering Thomas (28 Dec 2012) -- 29th of December, we remember Thomas; now, we'll have to have some type of recognition of his grave being trashed. 
  • Cape Ann, of course (17 Mar 2014) -- In a pioneering sense, Cape Ann was thriving. What it did not do was measure up to the rapacious demands of capitalism.  
  • Thomas and Margaret, archetypal pair (22 Jan 2016) -- We know so little of this couple, but for their offspring we would know less. 
  • American manhood (3 Dec 2017) -- Virginian used as an example of manliness; New England has representatives. 
FEDaerated blog:
A related theme deals with Rev. Hubbard who talked to people of the time. And, wrote then, too. He gets no respect (we'll look at that). Yes, the Roger Dangerfield of that era.

Note about genealogy: Old-time subject, basically a service (if one gets away from the enthrallment with one's own ancestors and looks broader as we ought to with collateral families - perhaps, even friends of the family). We have started to use WikiTree (hopefully to pull all of the first few (three or so) generations together.

Remarks: Modified: 01/04/2019

12/08/2018 -- Basically, this post was to lead into the topic of Thomas being lost with dozens (and dozens) of others. As in? Graves disturbed and lost with unknown conditions. See "A new twist" for a start of the necessary discussion. It is about time, Salem and Peabody.

01/04/2019 -- This topic will be followed more regularly this year (344th of 29 December 1674). We will initiate a discussion on WikiTree (see link in sidebar) in support of the research.

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