Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Remembering Thomas

Today, we pause to reflect on the legacy of Thomas Gardner of Salem. Thomas, as an old planter, moved his family in 1626 from Cape Ann and helped to settle the area which is known today as Salem.

Thomas died on December 29, 1674 and was buried on Old Gardner hill in Salem. Some of the graves in that area were moved to the Harmony Grove Cemetery in the 1840s to allow re-routing of streets in Salem.


03/18/2021 -- After some research, there is a new view of the status of grave at Old Gardner Hill. Details gathered via research are reviewed in this post: 29 December 1764. We do not know the status of Thomas' grave (or any of the others, as, essentially, stones were move). However, Essex County has many more examples of the type of cemetery destruction that we saw in Salem. 

12/31/2016 -- Two days late. Lots to report: looking at Cape Ann; The Gardner Annals; Sherborne, Dorset; NEHGRAll things Gardner; ...

12/24/2012 -- Thomas, unlike Conant, was not overshadowed in the world of being. We'll spend some time characterizing this fact and what it means to reasonable folks.

05/01/2012 -- Backbone, in particular, this overview. Two things to be thankful for: Rev Hubbard's look back (his brief mention is sufficient) and the fact that the manuscript was not lost (otherwise, would Thomas had been even more unknown?).

Modified: 03/18/2021

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