Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sherborne, Dorset

Last year, Chimper Jones gave us the record of a Thomas Gardiner and Margaret Frier being married in Sherborne. There is a baptism record for Thomas Gardiner in 1591, same parish, and one for Margaret Frier, in 1598. Then, there are records for Gardner boys: Thomas, George, Richard, John.

Dr. Frank did mention
Thanks, Chimper. Too, though, we can mark this up to the marvels of technology. However, a lot of work still needs to be done.

We are going to research this subject so that we can present the best view that can be founded with current information. See Sherborne, Dorset project page for information.

At the moment, there is a table with some of the images that are available. But, we will be adding to this and related pages.

Please, note, too, the introductory comments. This information has been known for a long while. One open area of research will be trying to find out what has been done, to date. Of course, we are talking 300+ years, yet an overview would/could be very instructive from several viewpoints.

Remarks:  Modified: 07/15/2015

Memoir of Benjamin Peirce
07/12/2015 -- We mention abductive approaches (my career was spent in advanced computing - software and modelling, essentially). Please refer, at least, to C.S. Peirce's (we mentioned him in an earlier post - Benjamin Peirce) work in the area. [Love it: From Ugly Duckling to Swan]

07/12/2015 -- When finished with the data collection and analysis, we will present the strongest story (the prerogative of the family) that the facts, and abductive reasoning, will support. As such, we hope to demonstrate some very much needed research viewpoints. 

07/15/2015 -- Benjamin Peirce relates to this theme for several reasons. For one, he is a descendant of son, Thomas, who was first born. A daughter, Bethia, of Thomas married Samuel Gaskill who was of a Quaker line (see image from Table I, pg 172, "Memoir of Benjamin Peirce" Essex Institute Historical Collections, 1881). Benjamin is also a descendant of Seeth who married John Grafton (Table IV, pg 175). But, this gets interesting. This look back has son Thomas marrying Margaret Fryer. ... Note, an analog of the appropriate method might be paleoichnology (results expressed in whatever medium might get the message across).

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