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TMM, Vols. I and II


Earlier, we mentioned that we would elevate The Massachusetts Magazine, of Dr. Frank and friends, into general awareness. Notice, too, that there had been an earlier periodical (same Wiki page), of the same name, for which we see major contributors, such as Benjamin Franklin.

Given that we are now into July, we will use the month in which American Independence is celebrated to make some progress. For each Volume, we will present the Contents page for each issue. Too, Dr. Frank wrote twenty-five monographs about military organizations from the revolutionary period. For each of these, we will provide a link to the on-line publication, list the title and the issue, and then link to modern information that can be found on Wikipedia.

After we have completed the initial look at all of the Volumes, we will discuss future research.

TMM, Vol. I, 1908

    1908, Vol I
     (F. A. Gardner, M.D.)

    No 1
      Pg 14 Col. John Glover's Marblehead Regiment
      Pg 51 Department of the American Revolution
    No 2
      Pg 85 Col. John Glover's Marblehead Regiment
      Pg 103 Department of the American Revolution
    No 3
      Pg 149 Colonel William Prescott's Regiment
      Pg 195 Department of the American Revolution
    No 4
      Pg 235 Colonel William Prescott's Regiment
      Pg 278 Department of the American Revolution 

TMM, Vol. II, 1909

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Remarks:  Modified: 12/26/2021

07/03/2015 -- Add links to the series "Department of the American Revolution" (see Motivation).

08/18/2015 -- Change "m" to "ph."

04/02/2016 -- Added context.

04/23/2017 -- The Gardner Annals, Vol. III, No. 1 provided the Table of Contents for the first five volumes of The Massachusetts Magazine.

 12/26/2021 -- General Glover and Washington using TMM articles. 

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