Friday, July 3, 2015

Regimental History Series, background and motivation

Context: See "Contents of this Issue" plus list of articles from the Regimental History Series (RHS) taken from issues of The Massachusetts Magazine, an effort by Dr. Frank and some of his friends.

While collecting links to all of the issues (digitized copy) of The Massachusetts Magazine, several things came to mind including a whole list of future topics for research. For one thing, these eleven volumes of a quarterly publication can be thought of as a snapshot in time of the period from 1908 to 1918 of New England and the U.S. As such, they can offer a lot of insight. For instance, toward the time of the last issues, we start to see discussion of the upcoming 300th of the 1620 arrival; and, that is timely for our look ahead efforts for the 400th (Please note, New Englanders, that Kansas had its 400th in the 1941 timeframe).  

But, while itemizing the items in the RHS that occupied a lot of Dr. Frank's time, one had to consider his motivation. We know that he was an officer in a Salem unit. Too, his persistence in following through with so much detail is more than one would expect for a hobby. 

We find this page in the first issue of The Massachusetts Magazine (also, see first of the series, Department of the American Revolution). Dr. Frank published twenty-five items in his RHS series whose themes were taken from the list (see Reg't column). Not all of the Regiments were covered, however, for the one that he did research, he was thorough.  

TMM, Vol I, No 1, Pg 13
The timeframe was during the Siege of Boston (see Wikipedia). One task will be to look at how we can introduce Dr. Frank's monographs into the discussion and, thereby, generate citations of his work. 

Remarks:  Modified: 12/28/2020

07/03/2015 -- Added link to the 1st of the series "Department of the American Revolution" (see Motivation). See those issues (Vol II through V) with the an item from the series.

08/18/2015 -- Change "m" to "ph."

12/17/2015 -- Life of Dr. Frank is featured in The Gardner Annals, Vol. II, No. 2.

12/18/2016 -- Article about the TMM published in The Gardner Annals, Vol. III, No. 1.

05/23/2018 -- TGA Vol. IV, No. 1 will complete the look at TMM (Table of Contents). Once that is done, we will print Vols. III and IV.

12/28/2020 -- Dr. Frank recognized for his work; we will look further at the Massachusetts Line

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