Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Auras, genealogical and otherwise

Please, please get off of my cloud. Or something like that was ranted by the strutting graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

In genealogy, it seems that things can be strict if you are dealing with someone else's lineage. For one's own, there is (can be) an aura.

And, that is as it ought to be (how one responds to that will depend upon the belief and views). People existed; those better documented are not of any better worth (do not read "worth" in the usual money-valued sense).

And, irrespective of the nature and characteristics of that aura, there is a lot more to it than has been considered. Trying to excel in their operational imperatives (they think) via the western mindset, genealogists seem to have descended to numbers (and DNA, think of it, would this analysis even be possible without computational assistance?).

Before casting aspersions my way, just consider, if you would, Dawkins' "meme." It's delicious that he used the term, as one can easily step to me..me (where me[ta]..me and a whole lot more ensues).

However, let's pause a minute and note that memes are all the rage in the Internet's milieu (just like many of the notions related to some advanced computational approaches have a flavor close to Lamarck's ideas - ah, so wonderful). We could talk this issue thus (as in, memes) and keep from that which might be uncomfortable to many. What use is there for this concept in genealogy? Anyone want to propose memes to discuss?

I propose "aura" but am willing to change the term as it gets better understood.


However, that genealogy is Exodus 20:12 in action, without transitive limits, seems to not get much recognition or respect - to wit, all of these people/companies (oh yes, ancestry.com) running after big bucks.

In short, genealogy is only one of several modern disciplines that could use a few, good gentleman/lady scholars/scientists (and, they are extant). It is where the domains of these disciplines of interest intersect that we need to have some attention placed. ... To be discussed, further.


There was an earlier comment in regard to this subject: Endless genealogies.

Remarks:  Modified: 06/28/2015

06/25/2015 -- Throwback Thursday, a social media meme. Leary's influence (also, his iconoclastic self's rewards - albeit, late - let's hear it for Berkeley as that which allowed his salvage). Referenced this from that (on auras).

06/25/2015 -- Was this tongue in cheek? No, only suggestive.

06/28/2015 -- Corrected Larmarck's name. On auras, all sorts of operational aspects need to be brought to the fore so that we can have a proper discussion leading to experiments, etc. Put link to London School of Economics.

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