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Research examples

The recent edition of the American Ancestor magazine had an article by the researcher/author of the "Embattled farmers" book about Revolutionary soldiers of Lincoln, MA (twixt Lexington and Concord). See this public Facebook page (Embattled Farmers). On reading the article, several things struck me. For one, there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of research, not only in the era of the U.S. start but through the whole of the American experience to now.

A lot of this research needs to be done by those who have the interest and time. Meaning? Some of this has to be by labor motivated by more than money.

Naturally, we would point to the goals of Gardner Research. Recently, we took Dr. Frank as a focus and published his paternal line (grandparents: Benjamin Brown Gardner and Lucy Foster Wilson) in essay and ahnentafel forms.

Too, we started to look further at the Massachusetts Magazine (TMM) which he helped start. The magazine was mentioned by Perley whose antiquarian work was winding down about the time of the TMM start.

In each issue of TMM, Dr. Frank provided a military monograph on a particular subject (see below). As well, in the early editions, he offered additional information with commentary in another section of the magazine.

TMM had a quarterly publication schedule so Dr. Frank's effort was exemplary given that he was a practicing physician (and father) during this same time period.

Both Wiggin (author of the above book) and Dr. Frank mentioned Mass Sailors and Soldiers. The multiple volume set is a great resource. I consider it to be an index and brief encyclopedia. For each of the patriots (only some of whom are in the D.A.R. database), there ought to be further information added.

Aside: One of our intents is to start a list of patriots who are (can be) proven (not yet D.A.R. recognized due to no application having been submitted, at this time). Too, we will review each of the works provided by Dr. Frank, and other authors, in TMM.


Titles, by Dr. Frank A Gardner, in the first two TMM volumes (with Wikipedia links).

    1908, Vol I

    No 1
      Pg 14 Col. John Glover's Marblehead Regiment
      Pg 51 Department of the American Revolution
    No 2
      Pg 85 Col. John Glover's Marblehead Regiment
      Pg 103 Department of the American Revolution
    No 3
      Pg 149 Colonel William Prescott's Regiment
      Pg 195 Department of the American Revolution
    No 4
      Pg 235 Colonel William Prescott's Regiment
      Pg 278 Department of the American Revolution

    1909, Vol II

    No 1
      Pg 11 Colonel Ephraim Doolittle's Regiment
      Pg 45 Department of the American Revolution
    No 2
      Pg 69 Colonel Timothy Danielson's Regiment
      Pg 101 Department of the American Revolution
    No 3
      Pg 141 Colonel John Fellow's Regiment
      Pg 168 Department of the American Revolution
    No 4
      Pg 191 Captain Jonathan Haraden
      Pg 203 Colonel Ebenezer Bridge's Regiment (see John Trull, referencing this article)
      Pg 234 Department of the American Revolution

Now, for each of the volumes, we will get the contributions by Dr. Frank and build an index with comments about context. Too, we will look for citations and such. The initial look will focus on the military monographs with the goal to be done by July 4th of this year. But, all of the other contributors ought to have some appreciative look, as well.


The last TMM publication was in early 1918 (WWI). Hopefully, we can find some material dealing with motivation for the magazine (Perley's comment) and with the work related to publication (all aspects).

For many volumes, Lucie (sister of Dr. Frank) published genealogies and reports about family groups and their meetings. Perhaps, looking at these would be a good next step.

Remarks:  Modified: 12/26/2021

06/07/2015 -- Updated the Colonel (Major General) Timothy Danielson (Yale graduate) page on Wikipedia. ... Comparison of TMM and MMS coverage of the guy.

08/18/2015 -- Change "m" to "ph."

12/18/2016 -- Articles about research status published in The Gardner Annals, Vol. III, No. 1.

 12/26/2021 -- General Glover and Washington using TMM articles. 

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