Saturday, May 30, 2015

John and his friends

Yes, the 800th anniversary of the first sealing of the Magna Carta (WSJ overview) comes soon. It will be a big deal for a lot of people.

For all? As the bifurcations that we see all around show us, many (most) have had minimal (or no) comfort from that long ago bit of activity and angst.

John and his friends
After all, a few generations later, we found major conflict between bickering cousins (one example of many).

Has that sort of thing become less common (has it been made worse by modernity, through means such as game theory?)? Did we learn from the war to end all wars?

Remarks:  Modified: 03/14/2019

06/06/2015 -- Harvard just got a bunch of money. Perhaps, they can put some of it toward a re-look at their history from a more full view. Which would be? For one thing, try to gain more balanced with some respect for the human condition that has been, mostly, burdened with the shenanigans of the smart, but unwise, ilk. Earlier, we contrasted, as an example, John Gardner with those in Harvard counting angles on their fingers and toes. Later, taking the move toward secularism only exacerbated the problem.

03/14/2019 -- Added image to the index on our portal to truth.

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