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The Massachusetts Magazine


On the Talk Page of the Wikipedia article about The Massachusetts Magazine, we have a link to all of the volumes hosted at (prefer their reader). We will be reviewing the whole series for several reasons.

For starters, this image shows the Contents from 1909, Volume II (start page of first article by Number: #1 - 3, #2 - 59, #3 - 123, #4 - 191).

Contents, 1909, The Massachusetts Magazine
In this Volume, the contributors were Benj. L. Noyes, Herbert M. Sylvester, Charles A. Flagg, George Sheldon, F. A. Gardner, M.D., John N. McClintock, Lucie M. Gardner, Thomas F. Waters, Caroline Rogers Hill, Edward J. James, Booker T. Washington, Daniel S. Jordan, and Cyrus Northrop.

In this volume, we have Booker T. Washington, et al, on Charles William Eliot on the occasion of his retirement as head of Harvard.


In looking at this periodical, it was 100 years after the first attempt which was rather avant garde, given the timeframe which was still during the American Revolution which carried over until the early 1800s.

As well, Sidney Perley's The Essex Antiquarian was winding down. We, of course, can look now to see what is on the landscape. What was there at this time, 1909?


Jumping ahead to 1914, the year of the start of WWI (start page of first article by Number: #1 - 3, #2 - 51, #3 - 99, #4 - 147).

Contents, 1914, The Massachusetts Magazine
Contributors were: C. Crozat Converse, Charles A. Flagg, Judge Francis M. Thompson, Frank A. Gardner, M.D., Anne L. Page, and James J. Cotter.

Remarks: Modified: 03/14/2019

05/25/2015 -- It is interesting that up through 1912, Lucie (Dr. Frank's sister) reported on "Family Genealogies" and meetings. Also, in 1912, Numbers 2, 3, and 4 were printed together. Charles A. Flagg had his 10th in a series dealing with Massachusetts pioneers (as in, those who moved to other states).

05/26/2015 -- I have all of the Contents from the volumes. As well, there has been efforts at documenting early efforts at publication. From that, we can see that John N. McClintock and Co. published The Bay State Monthly from Boston, from 1884-1886. John was a contributor and an editor for The Massachusetts Magazine.

06/07/2015 -- Research examples, such as General Danielson (featured in an article, TMM, Vol. II, No. 2).

07/01/2015 -- TMM, Vols. I and II. TMM, Vols, III and IV.

12/17/2015 -- Frank A. Gardner, Regimental Histories, ..., last issues.

04/02/2016 -- Added context.

12/18/2016 -- Article about the TMM published in The Gardner Annals, Vol. III, No. 1.

02/16/2018 -- The last issue of The Massachusetts Magazine was in January of 1918. There were several factors that contributed to the demise of the periodical, such as WWI and the draft. As well, we will look more closely at the Spanish Flu which peaked in the fall of 1918 with Boston as ground zero.

03/14/2019 -- Added image to the index on our portal to truth.

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