Monday, May 11, 2015

Gardner's Beacon, Vol. V, No. 1

While preparing for this issue, we did a review of the research and publication events since the start. Too, we published an overview of the Thomas Gardner Society, Inc. that appeared in the November issue, 2014, of the TEG (v34, p210). This write up concentrates on the main focus which is research, part of which will concern descendants and their spread across this continent and the globe since those early times.

One major effort involved creating Wikipedia presence with regard to the couple of interest. See Thomas Gardner (planter). Now, with respect to that, one will link items across articles. This image depicts a knowledge map that is centered on Thomas.

To interact with the map, go to the portal at (12/15/2015 - link not on-line). There are many uses for this type of graphing. In the case of Wikipedia, upon which this map is made, one can look at the material with a view to consistency, accuracy, etc., In this case, there are eleven different articles. The associations that are mapped were determined by a standard algorithm.

There are interactive means to make changes to this type of thing. However, letting the tool work can be instructive, too. Notice the link to Swayze; that came about due to a reference on the Swayze page that some descendants of John married descendants of Thomas. Another association is that some of the Swayzes left the Salem area due to persecution (Quaker) which is a story that is common to Thomas' children (Richard, John, George) and many other families.

Other efforts were regular publication of Gardner's Beacon, articles in the TEG, and The Gardner Annals. However, the questions stack up which is what we like to see; that is, our emphasis will continue to be research. Hopefully, we will be able to raise the level to a scholastic level that is required for contributing to the general state of knowledge.

See Vol. V, No. 1 of Gardner's Beacon for a review of progress to date. Too, types of contributions are provided.

References: see Sources (All Issues)  

Remarks: Modified: 12/15/2015

05/13/2015 -- Started a "Gardner Research and Discussion" group on Facebook. If you are interested, please ask to join. See link on the FB page.

12/15/2015 -- Removed link to the knowledge map; the system is now off-line.

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