Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rachel (Gardner) Noble

Thomas' sister? We have had a few posts that mentioned Rachel, starting with Gardners and Gardners (via later modifications). In that first post, there is this: "1630 - Rachel (Gardner) Noble, (new, 01/11/2013)"

But, the earliest reference, in that same post, is this Remark: "05/05/2011 -- Did Thomas of Salem have a sister, Rachel?"

The last post dealt with origins which is a source of several research interests.


In a sense, we have been remiss in not starting this work earlier. Note, though, that Gardner Research is an on-going effort.

We can split this look at Rachel into two major pieces. One part would be to look at her son and his descendants. That review would also look at Rachel's parents and at her in-laws.

Then, her relationship with Thomas would be the other part.

Now, for each of these, we will collect material sufficiently to allow proper analysis. That material will be, for the most part, on-line work, in the beginning. At some point, more in-depth studies will occur, as needed. The goal is to have a coherent view that TGS, Inc. can support going forward.

--- Mentions ---

Note: this collection is being done in the spirit of brainstorming - therefore, critical responses are suspended until we have gathered enough to start our analysis. Too, no work to date is considered exhaustive and indicative that this study does not have merit. 
    - Great Migration. Thomas Noble (purported son of Rachel Gardner and Thomas Noble) is mentioned twice. His son, John, married Mary Goodman. His daughter, Hannah, married John Goodman. Thomas had other children. The Goodmans were children of Richard Goodman (GBM: I to NE 1620-1633, Vols. I-III, p. 786).
    - Boltwood, L.M. (1878) Family of Thomas Noble ... (says parents unknown)
    - Turner, Betty () The Noble Legacy: ...Gilbert Clifford Noble ... (quotes Boltwood)
    - Web page (need to find -- a long-time researcher died; her daughter talked about her mother's work - this was the first time (a few years ago - but, remember, this work started in 2009) that I saw Rachel mentioned as sister - ostensibly, there was supporting evidence - at the time, I was a newbie - sorry about that, now where is that page?)
    - See Chart #5.
    - 48 Charts in rootsweb include Rachel Gardner, married to Thomas with parents of Thomas and Elizabeth. For Rachel Gardner born 1608 +/- 5 years, there are 263 Charts.
    - FamilyTreeCircles - with my comments.
    - Blog: A long time ago! (see Whence, again)
    - Noble discussions: About Rachel (1998)
    - *** Oh, (three years ago) someone paid money to find out that the link is tenuous (justanswer.com)
    - Kershaw family (see St. Patrick's Day 2014) - mentions Tudor, but that is via the Archbishop (and has been shown to be not true - Stephen Gardiner).
    - ...
    - ...
    - ...
    - ...
Remarks:  Modified: 02/24/2021

06/23/2015 -- In my usual mode, I'm casting a wide net to see what pops up. After seeing the lay of the land (in the virtually non-extant cyber realm), a look at real, physical (as in, they occupy space and can be seen in the sense of time) entities ensues. Notice the bullet marked "***" as, perhaps, indicative of the outcome. But, it's too early. Plenty of reasonable people are touting this. Why?

01/23/2016 -- More on Rachel and Thomas.

08/06/2016 -- More on All things Gardners.

02/24/2021 -- Updated the look. See Rachel, Again


  1. While doing a Google search for Rachel Gardner (wife of Thomas Noble), found this site and your brief discussion regarding Rachel. Since some time has passed, I'm wondering if any further research on her family has been done. I would be very interested to learn what you might have found.
    Gordon Kirkemo

  2. As a postscript to my previous query regarding Rachel Gardner, my email address is kirkemo@comcast.net. Thanks.