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Zebulon Pike

TL;DR -- As we look at the period of expansion after the Revolution, we will try to identify those who were involved in the early period. Zebulon Pike is an example. We have mentioned him and will later, as well. But, let's catch up with some additional information. There is a pointer to Volume II of his notes dealing with his second excursion, to the west. One example was to find the source of the Arkansas River. 


We have mentioned Zebulon Pike (Memorial Day, 2022) as we were looking at the first Mission for American Indians in this area. Zebulon was through the area in the real early 1800s in his trek to find the source of the Arkansas River. He coined the term, "The Great American Desert", which many would see as they traversed the interior via the Trails

He also determined the headwaters of the Mississippi River. And, died early, 1813. In the journey into the Rockies, he attempted to climb the peak that was given his name. He and his party were taken captive by the Spaniards in the area. His notes were lost and never recovered. 

So, Zebulon Pike (Wikipedia, WikiTree) redid his journals by memory. These were collected into three volumes. We will point to each. His book was The Expeditions of Zebulon Montgomery Pike to Headwaters of the Mississippi River Through Louisiana Territory, and in New Spain, During the Years 1805-6-7. Zebulon did his rewrite by 1810. 
  • Volume 1 - Courtesy of Project Gutenberg. 
  • Volume 2 - with notes (1895). Of the Arkansas River period. Courtesy of Google Books. 
  • Volume 3 - Index, courtesy of Project Gutenberg. 
BTW, his family is  of New England. His ancestor was an opponent of the Salem Witch idiocy. 

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06/27/2023 -- Added link to Volume 1 and Volume 3.  

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