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Lucy Foster (Wilson) Gardner

TL;DR -- As we look at generations, we will split them by the 250th which is an important event. Lucy Foster Wilson Gardner, and her husband, are of the seventh generation. We have written of Lucy as her family involves all sides of the Witch ordeal. Too, they have interesting stories with respect to the War of Independence. Then, we have updated her WikiTree profile. 


Recently, while sorting old material, Ann's brother, Jonathan B. Gardner, found a portrait of Lucy Foster Wilson. The dimensions are 12 1/4 by 10 inches without the framing which had deteriorated.  Lucy was two generations post the U.S. Revolution whose 250th celebration is coming up soon. 

This is a photo of the portrait; the rest of this post is about Lucy and her generation. 

Lucy F. Wilson
ca. 1840s

We wrote of Lucy's family in Vol 34, No 3 of The Essex Genealogist and included an Ahnentafel. The title of the article was "Trials of the Wilson Family" which is summarized in a blog post (Andover Ordeal, 28 Apr 2014). Lucy was of many families who endured (or loved) the Witch ordeal, such as Samuel Wardwell and Mary Ayers Parker (both hanged on 22 Sep 1692 - Salem Village, where else?). 

Lucy's father was Jonathan Wilson. Her mother was Prudence Goldthwait. Both of these were children of SAR/DAR Patriots. Jonathan Wilson was buried at the Howard Street Burial Ground which we wrote about (18 Feb 2020). Prudence is kin to Ezekiel Golthwait who irritated, it is said, John Adams when he (Ezekiel) beat Samuel Adams (kin of John) in an election with a vote margin of two to one. 

Ah, the stories awaiting to be told, especially the time of the Revolution. But, those are for later. 

Right now, let's add Lucy Foster Wilson and her husband, Benjamin Brown Gardner, to the Seventh Generation. We are looking more closely at generations. There are different views: by calendar, by the biological events (parent-child), by some type of impetus that gets attention, and, no doubt, by other means. 

Dr. Frank's 1907 book assigned #188 to Jonathan Gardner, Benjamin's father (pg 283).  #345 Benjamin Brown Gardner was the 2nd child. The following image provides a list of New England ancestors of Lucy. 

According to the WikiTree data, Benjamin Brown Gardner was of the sixth generation. However, his birth year and that of Lucy Foster Wilson puts them in the seventh. So, we will work out a good way to handle this. One distinguishing feature of the seventh is being a grandchild of a Patriot. 

Benjamin Brown Gardner died early (details of death pending) which left Lucy for almost two decades as a widow. 

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