Friday, June 2, 2023

US, by comparison

TL;DR -- What makes American great? It's more than a dream. 


On Quora, an older post (from four years ago) gave five reasons for the successes of the U.S. Now, whether those successes represent epitomes can be discussed, in time. This post shows the graphics that were provided with the post which are fantastic. 

Why is the United States successful compared to other Countries? There were many answers, but this one gave these five reasons:

  • Geography - mentions waterways, such as the Mississippi River
  • Natural resources - land for food; minerals; etc. 
  • Isolation - water and Canada as buffers
  • Culture - settler culture, mainly European with English as a common language. 
  • Adherence to English Common Law - "An adherence to the common belief in the divinity of the individual and the respect of individual liberties, has kept the government of the United States from interfering with the development of American enterprise."
What makes American great?

We have touched upon all of these themes in the context of the 400 years of struggle and toil on this continent (as noted by President Lincoln at Gettysburg) and will continue to do so as we proceed with our organizational work and in the resulting research. 

We will grapple, too, with issues of this theme: What is the American Dream?

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