Saturday, October 20, 2018

CMS and more

That's a use of 'CMS' in the context of content. And, context, itself, has levels. In our case, now, the scaling requires more automation. And, growth will be along the simple format that has been adopted. Yes, we'll provide capability without unnecessary flash.

See this page for some discussion of what has been done since 2010 (TGS - Technology and practice). It provides the stepwise look, from 2010 and seems to be in a two-year step. In that same time period, the content has really grown. We just published the last two volumes of The Gardner Annals with issues of Gardner's Beacon. So, that means that we have four volumes of TGA in print. There are plans for many more.

Note: We are looking for articles.

With the print, we are handling orders and shipping, using snail mail. So, we can look to leverage off of existing work, except we are non-profit. There are many groups that offer to support the non-commercial. Even Facebook wants to help. Who to trust? Yes, indeed. That is a central notion to discuss. The Thomas Gardner Society, Inc. is calling attention the the need. We are not alone, however there is a lot of discussion to happen and work to be done.

Now, one nice little thing found today was something out of MIT (UIkit). We will look further, but this is a needed resource (or something like it). Too, we need ERP or accounting system functions which the 'cloud' seems to have to offer, even for the non-profit. Imagine, even Salesforce.

Just like I did with the move from Microsoft's Office Live to Webhosting Hub, I will blog throughout this process and use a category related to the theme (CMS and more - let's say, squeezing of the jewels).

Since we have manual processes, there is no hurry. I'll be poking around, especially looking at where things might be more awry than not; of course, defining the situation and what might be wrong. But, anyone who wants to weigh in and help (thereby slimming down the timeline) can do so.

Remarks: Modified: 10/28/2018

10/24/2018 -- As said, we started with Microsoft's OfficeLive. MS pushed everyone off in 2012. So, I looked at the industry. Still have the notes. I went with Web Hosting Hub due to several factors, but a huge one was that they were Linux which which I was familiar (long years of Unix). Now, we're going to step up to SSL and handling funds. So, it was nice to read an article that compares Hub with its competitors: Web Hosting Hub Review: The Good, Bad & My Experience. Essentially, the decision of six years ago was right on; going with a larger effort would probably lead to using inMotion which is their compatriot (super dude). We need our own blog. Right now, we're using (Google) and Word Press (thomasgardnerofsalem) which we can easily move over to Hub. One reason for this is in the 'free' mode, one has ads to contend with.

10/28/2018 -- Going mobile caused a type of convergence of design. For some of the older sites (who have a long history and adopted the web early), the movement to the newer look has been interesting to watch. Usually, it is portal-level work that has been updated. Once one gets into the guts, it's the same as before. Actually, we (old timers) ought to be thankful for that. Also, the web builders have abounded. I tried some in 2012 and later. Need to summarize this effort, again. Ran into one example today that piqued my interest: Phi Kappa Phi. What got my attention was the contribution page and the on-line store page. Both of these are clean and simple. And, the underlying software is out of Computer Systems Innovations, such as CSiDonate.

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