Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Gardner families and Maine

Our goal is to get five generations documented. Actually, coming forward to 1900 would be a better goal. This post looks at the current state of affairs using one state.

There were several Gardner/Gardiner families in Maine, including descendants of other Gardners, such as George of Rhode Island. We have several posts on these, such as Henry D. Gardiner and Gardner CO.

There are, at least, two families that we know about that descend from Thomas and Margaret. This post provides information about them.
  • Ebenezer (31 March 2011) -- Ebenezer (#123) left Salem and ended up in Nova Scotia. With the conflict of the American Revolution, he came south and was given land in Maine. He is a descendant of Samuel (#6) in the book through Abel (#59) and then Thomas (#76). There was a book written about the family in 1898: The Gardner Family of Machias and Vicinity. There is a web site based upon 1909 work by G.T. Little,  sponsored by the State of Maine: Genealogical and Family History - Gardner.  
  • William -- He is a descendant of Samuel (#6) through Abel (#59), then Israel (#77). There is a book by Stanley Israel Gardner that published in 1986: The Gardner Family of Maine. The book is being digitized.  
These two give us a start on collecting the first five generations. Samuel had several other children, be sides Abel. And, Abel had other children. The following image shows the full two generations from Samuel.

In the image, the red arrows show the Ebenezer line. The blue arrow is for Israel which is truncated. I put in the line for Dr. Frank for reference (green arrow).

 We have our work cut out for us. Dr. Frank only expanded on child of Samuel, namely Abel. I will go to WikiTree and see how many of these I can find.

Remarks: Modified: 10/25/2018

10/25/2018 -- Will be using WikiTree (Samuel/Abel).

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