Monday, October 28, 2019

Support for TGS, Inc.

There are several updates pending to our websites that will appear in the next few weeks. We have made some changes to our 'portal to truth' that pertain to future activities. For one, the historical roll has been extended. There is a lot more to add. Right now, it refreshes each time the page is loaded. Sources are marked. This scroll with become interactive and link to supporting resources. Along with this scroll, we have an index by images that point to our work and thoughts, by time.

TGS, Inc. Biz
As well, we changed the menu so that we can separate out biz and tech. Right now biz provides buttons for donations either by PayPal or via mail. Plus there is a form for ordering publications by mail. Next up will be ordering of publications via PayPal. Following that, there are other changes planned. Tech points to our technology blog (theme of content versus configuration).

The main site will be where we old the majority of our documents and will be re-organized. It more or less has the same look as back in 2010 when we started. Both sites will become more interactive as we proceed.
  • Donate -- Contributions of funds to the Thomas Gardner Society, Inc. can be handled via menu or by mail. Helping us with articles or with technical work would be appreciated, too (see Note, below). 
  • Meeting -- We are planning a 2020 meeting in the Boston area for next year. Right now, it looks to be in the summer or fall. More details will be forthcoming later. 
As an aside, one direction is toward a TGS app, however, all technical steps will be accompanied by discussion of alternatives and reasons for our approach. In the meantime, we will be more mobile friendly with the intent of establishing a good interface for presentation.

Note: Technically, we picked Linux for its suitableness for our requirements while allowing freedom as we saw with the Unix environment. That is, too, we are cognizant of the GUI/text issues and lean toward a more 'Open mode.' Several times, we have noted that we are looking for hands-on help with our technical efforts. Even novices can help and learn. One resource for coordination will be GitHub. There are links to extensive discussions related to various themes, such as content versus configuration. These two are conflated, seriously, in many cases. too much. GitHub'ing is my personal view to the matter, using TGS, Inc. work as the model for discussion; we will start a specific area for Society work when required to start an archival method for this work.

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