Friday, January 3, 2020

First five

1st 5 (or so), we might add. In the latest Gardner's Beacon (Vol. IX, No. 3), we mentioned that we want to have a focus, for as long as needed, to get the first five generations filled in for the children of Thomas and Margaret. This has been discussed before (About generations) in the context of the story of Thomas and Margaret. We would include the collateral families. One example is our look at the Elizabeths () which will be expanded by other names.

A question might come up about format. In the initial stages, there are not many restrictions. Let us see what you have. Too, for your ancestor who is a descendant, please find the latest entry that you can on WikiTree. And, let us know this.

Examples to discuss:
There are other formats. We're looking for articles for the next two issues of The Gardner Annals (to be completed by February - note: not, a virus struck). After that, we'll reformat and print as a book. So, right now, the material can be rough.

The key thing is to have sources, as much as possible. 

Remarks: Modified: 10/27/2020

01/04/2020 -- As we do this work, we will still be looking at origins: Margaret's family

07/28/2020 -- Have done several posts related to generations: 5th generation6th generation7th generation1900 backAmerican 100sFirst five, and About generations.

10/27/2020 -- Slowly getting ready to edit Margaret's WikiTree profile. 

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