Saturday, January 4, 2020

Margaret's family

We have written a lot about Margaret. This research continues.

On WikiTree, we have snips from images of Sherborne records. There is one for the marriage of Walter Friar and Grace Mullins. Then, there is one for Margaret Friar. Then, there is a will of Walter who died in 1610. Then, there is a marriage of Thomas Gardner and Margaret Friar.  Finally, boys were born in the order and by name of the Cape Ann/Salem couple.

Margaret's WikiTree Profile. This is being edited. However, we wanted to point to this, again.

In a discussion today, someone mentioned that Savage had noted that Thomas Frier was probably the sister of Margaret. This image is from his book.

Savage's Fryer/Friar notes 
We have written about Savage a lot, too. Here is his note on the Gardners. As we look to complete the First Five, we will be looking back, too.

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