Monday, January 6, 2020

Houses and homes - Note to Salem

For a decade now, we've used our skills to wander (some of the times without any guidance and at other of the times with some purpose) and collect (like hunting and gathering). When we started, the current 'www' was a young buck. Static modes were still predominate. Those modes that were more clever still left a lot to be desired. And, needless to say, what we have now is a huge mess.

Anyway, we've blogged our findings over the years and have built a framework from which to attempt structure and actual knowledge. In a sense, what we did on the internet, Sidney did with his walkabouts and recordings for which Salem needs to show some gratitude. One mode would be to extend his stuff. This post is a suggestion. There are many possible ways to go in terms of mood and mode, however people will have to pay attention and contribute their time and energies.

We could talk, for instance, of taking one property and looking back (step wise) to the 17th century. One could look at who was there. One could consider conditions of their life, say cooking, even. One could build a database with several threads that can be launching points to deeper knowledge. One could, yes, build a 3D model that is dynamic, sufficient that virtual reality enthusiasts would be impressed. And, we would have the dynamism relate to time and its influences. Say, at some piece of property, go backward, as well as, stop at some year and explore the information which would include simulation.

Yes, this is for Salem and its inane witch focus (written from the viewpoint of a family with everyone involved and two 'hung' - being politically incorrect, by design, hung by the neck until dead). BTW, this post is merely a start on the brainstorming that can be done.

So, back to the theme. Earlier, we saw an NEHGS article on an Elizabeth Clapp. That got our interest, as there might be Clapp links that come in a time or two into the family tree. So, on looking at Dr. Frank's index, we also saw another Elizabeth (Gardner who married Blanchard). That led to a few other Elizabeths that we looked at briefly. And, the thought came up that taking a name and picking a few from the index might help us hone in on collateral families.

Early on, there were a lot of Hannahs. What about Margaret? Or Catherine? Remember, the focus is home and life across time for this exercise.

Sometime, or other, we ran into this notice of a wedding. Several things caught the attention: Peabody and Gardner, California (in particular, Ojai - ah, CCR), and Theosophist. So, just a little bit ago, we got Google fired up again and found these pointers to further research, that are in bullet form as they are mainly meant to be reminders with (hint, hint) notes to Salem (whoever that might be).
  • Back-bay houses - okay, learned something. There was a history of the house and the occupants. Note to Salem: Sidney did this with properties in Essex County. He also drew maps. We need to make this 3D and operative (interactive mode of knowledge processing). So much more. Notice. Catherine owned this property, at one time. 
  • Her father - Catherine is mentioned. 
  • Who are they? - We thank the researchers who gave us this. Nice format. But, too, it shows what we can call a chunk which starts with John Lowell. Who is he? Well, his ancestor went over (notice the perspective) to Boston (like Winthrop for whom Salem was too back water). However, the family has other relatives in Salem. There are many stories. 
Of course, that last bullet shows lots of collateral families. So, we can see all sorts of ways to go. Some work (actually a lot) has already been done. We'll try to pull links to these into an orderly order (stated by design - oh, our order is better?). 

Salem has responsibilities. Let's hope that it assumes those. The Thomas Gardner Society, Inc. has been working to this end for decade. It's time to step it up a notch and prepare for the 400th.

Again, houses were homes. BTW, Thomas' crew brought one with them: Great house, Cape Ann. Roger came along and took it from Thomas (and Margaret) who went back to a wigwam. Then, John had it moved to Salem, so that Higginson could tell the folks back home what glories there were in the new world (small, by design). But, Ann Bradstreet told us her reaction to the squalor of early Salem. We need to tell the whole of the tale. 

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