Thursday, September 26, 2019

Gallows and more

There's a lot that we can learn about Salem, yet. Recently, we had a day pass on which, in 1692, several persons were 'hung' by the  neck. Now, why is this of interest to us? Several reasons. This happened in the town of Thomas and friends. So, there is a lot of stuff to look at that can be personal and not.

In terms of the personal, Dr. Frank had two ancestors in that group. We looked at that with our study of his paternal grandmother, Lucy Foster Wilson. Also, Sidney Perley, friend of the family, figured out where the hanging site was. Sidney is now be documented on WikiTree; there is a photo of him at the hanging site. Of late, academic researchers confirmed his findings. So, Sidney, in his walkabouts, was quite astute in getting the facts straight.

The New England Historical Society posted an update, on FB, on their story about the places: Six Places Where A Gallows Once Stood. Of course, one of these was the Salem point of departure.

We looked at the closure of Charter Street Cemetery this year during the Halloween period. That is right next to the memorial for those executed during the Witch Trials in the Salem area.

Next year, we want to remember September 22. There are other dates to add to the list, too, such as December 29. We can add these to the scrolling text of our portal to truth. Many families lived in houses on Gallows Hill. The history of that area can be studied.

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